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A Special Invitation
Posted on 26th July 2016


Ready to find out what can happen when we come together with intention, open hearts and the power of a light touch?  Join us on 24-26th September 2016 for the CranioSacral Therapy event of the year!

5 Must-Read Books For SER and Dialogue
Posted on 23rd July 2016

The following five books are some that we really enjoyed and found enriching in different ways. Although they’re not about CranioSacral Therapy, they’re full of themes that tie in with our work in Upledger CST. Particularly when we’re working with SomatoEmotional Release, there can be gems and guidance not only in our sessions, our classes and our core texts but in novels, memoirs and books for all ages. We hope you’ll find at least one here that inspires you….

Rob Williamson on 'Clean Language' in our Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue
Posted on 12th July 2016

In this month’s Symposium Spotlight, Rob Williamson joins us to talk about ‘Clean Language’ in our Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue, about finding gentle and respectful ways to communicate when talking isn’t possible, and how using non-sensory specific language can build more bridges with our clients and allow them to move forward.

Nikki Kenward on the Second Brain
Posted on 6th June 2016


In this month’s Symposium Spotlight, Nikki Kenward joins us to talk about the Second Brain, and how research on the Enteric Nervous System is impacting CranioSacral Therapy….including a new course coming soon!

Alexander Filmer-Lorch on the Inner Power of Stillness
Posted on 28th March 2016


In this month’s Symposium Spotlight interview, Alexander Filmer-Lorch joins us to talk about The Inner Power of Stillness, and how it impacts on our physiology, our emotions, our intellect….and on our work as therapists.



What exactly IS a Symposium?
Posted on 26th February 2016


Once every 4 years, we come together to celebrate everything that makes Upledger CranioSacral Therapy so special. We call it a Symposium, and it’s an event that brings together inspirational speakers, demonstrations & practical workshops, the latest research, and a chance to connect with what’s happening in our global community of Upledger therapists. After three days packed full of learning, practice and shared wisdom, we promise you’ll leave with a renewed sense of wonder at the remarkable work we do… 

Symposium Spotlight: Eric Moya on CST for a complex world
Posted on 26th February 2016


In this month’s Symposium Spotlight interview, Eric Moya joins us to talk about CranioSacral Therapy for a more complex world, and why we need to develop a new skill set for the times we live in. 


What's the ONE technique you couldn't do without?
Posted on 25th February 2016

As Upledger therapists, we’re lucky to have such a powerful toolkit of techniques at our disposal. And while we need them all at different times to integrate into our treatments, most of us have a few favourites that we’re particularly fond of. Just for fun, we asked 10 of our students, therapists, and study group leaders: What’s the one technique you wouldn’t be without in your practice? Here’s what they said…