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How our CST Training is like making PIZZA!
Posted on 31st May 2019

So, where do you start with a pizza?


First off there is the dough, a mixture of flour, water, and a bit of yeast to help it rise. You mix it, knead it, let it rest a while until you are ready to roll it out.


Where do we start?...

Avadhan Larson: What TBS1 & SER2 Bring Us
Posted on 22nd January 2019

Could you tell us a little about your background and what first got you interested in - and then committed to - CST?

I began my career as an acupuncturist in 1979. I kept hearing about this mysterious modality called CranioSacral Therapy and I was intrigued. One weekend I received a massage at a local health spa and at the end of the session the therapist did two amazing things that dramatically changed my state both physically and mentally. (I didn’t know it at the time of course, but she did an OCB release and a CV4 still point.) I got off the table afterwards and said, “What was that?? Wow!” When she replied, ‘CranioSacral Therapy,’ I began looking for a course.

A Year in the Life of a CST Therapist
Posted on 22nd January 2019

My year begins in October 2017. I had finally committed to rebooting my focus and set my intention to complete the Upledger training. I had been sidetracked for a good five years by family ill-health, death and random accidents and, as a mother of three and the only child close by to ageing parents, I spun and juggled the family plates. But looking up, once all those around me were stable and settled, it was time for me.

I enrolled on SER2...

IODPA Tour de Force - Inspired by the Upledger Community Programme
Posted on 27th April 2018

The Intensive Therapy CST course changed my outlook on life.  This is what people need, it’s what they want from therapy.  We need human touch.  We need genuine care and compassion.  I felt love in that room – and I loved the Upledger approach, the therapy and the people. 


Nick McIvor: On the Foundation in Body Science
Posted on 29th March 2018

For the last 14 years, I have been running multidisciplinary osteopathy clinics , but before that I was a bouncer!

My brother is an osteopath and my sister a palliative care consultant, and although historically, I had never had a specific interest in therapy myself, I have always been very much a ‘people person’ and minded about people...

Heather Hollett on The Foundation Certificate in Body Science
Posted on 16th March 2018

'The Foundation Certificate in Body Science is not just for people without any anatomy training. I found it so useful with my experience as a therapist, because it ‘pulled it all together’ for me and I could relate it back to my practice.'

Reflecting on the Foundation in Body Science Training
Posted on 9th March 2018

Sarah Taylor-Jepp reflects on her experience of the Foundation Certificate in Body Science Training, and how it has changed her life. 

Focus on Gabriel Orsi
Posted on 2nd February 2018

Orsi is the Director of the Upledger Institute, Hungary, and is joining UIUK in March to help deliver our Paediatrics course in Brighton. She tells us about her career, her interest in teaching CranioSacral Therapy & how she got involved with the Upledger Institute.