Carol's Life Beyond Upledger!

Posted on 7th May 2010
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Dear all

I am gradually getting used to living another life beyond Upledger, although
we are still  involved with the overseas classes in Poland, Greece and South

I have done my training and am now a trainee Doula.  Alex Bairstow is also
on the track and I bumped into her at one of the workshops.  I have been
coerced into talking about it at the CSS next weekend in Brighton, so I am
looking forward to meeting some of you there.

Also I am investigating whether to go ahead and make cakes for a local cafe.
It involves rules and regulations as far as health and hygiene, and I have
just received a load of bumph from Perth and Kinross council.

My grandaughter Isla who was born in March is doing well and it is nice to
have more time to enjoy the grannyhood aspect of myself.

Carol Page

Carol Page 27th June 2010 4:51pm
I don't know how to start a new blog, but have just received my first e-mail newsletter. Well done Caroline and I enjoyed reading the "Pulse" without actually having to do anything except use my eyeballs!
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