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The Move
Posted on 14th October 2014

Never ceases to amaze me that when you are really ready for things they somehow just show up.

We have been looking for alternative business accommodation as we have been bursting at the seams in the home office for quite a while now and getting closer and closer to a possible 'pop'. Yet our requirements were a little unusual as, on top of office space, what we really needed is a space to teach from into which we can fit a good number of tables, that is light and sunny, has a good feel (you know, that really important thing that is so hard to explain to your average estate agent!) and that is accessible to planes, trains and automobiles…

Then one day I noticed a new property on one of the local websites and thought it was worth a look. The current owner/occupier arranged to meet me there the next day and as we walked into a bright, sunny, largish (instant calculations reckon on being about to fit 8 tables in – that’ll do for starters!) room, I just knew….

It has been used as an art studio and as she asked what we wanted it for (nervously I found out later) I explained what we do. Her face broke into a smile and she sighed with relief! She apparently has studied massage and initially had ideas to use the venue as some sort of complementary medicine centre before her art had taken her in a different direction. So she was really pleased that it would be used for something along similar lines. We may even see her on a CST1 one day!

So here we are. We have our own office, plus a venue for all of the Foundation classes where all the skeletons, props, teaching aids and books are here in one place. We can run classes of up to 16 students so we can have the earlier ones a bit more frequently. But don't worry, we will still keep all the other classes round the country going! And the more advanced classes like the Brain Speaks, Paeds, Immune Response etc will still need to be in bigger venues. We can also now house other smaller classes and training opportunities like the Introductory course leaders course, Clinical Applications classes or even some of the Developing Confidence workshops and review classes without having to fit into other venues date requirements.

What else?

Would anyone like to join in setting up an every other month free / donation only kids clinic? Those of us who have done any of the Paeds curriculum will know how magical the energy can be in the room when we treat a group of kids at the same time–we could get together to do that and practice and share on a more regular basis.

Following on from the talk Caro, Gabor and I gave on research at the CSS AGM we will set up some specific research days both to treat groups of people and to help us in writing up case studies and start to move this effort along.

It has always been a part of my dream that there could be a space where we can come and study and practice, supporting each other's learning and growth and then just hanging out (great pub in the village!).

So this move represents another step towards more of that and whatever else we all want to create. I am so conscious that I am not doing this alone but as part of a wonderful group of dedicated therapists and people desiring to make changes in the world from a place of unconditional acceptance and love. I am honoured to be a part of this community and I cannot wait to see what else we can build in support of this amazing work.

I dedicate this incarnation of The Studio, Wrington to Dr Upledger and to continuing to share the essence of his work and look forward to seeing you there soon!


GRCCT has a new website
Posted on 26th August 2014

Heartfelt Greetings to all in the Upledger family!

Just to let everybody know that further to the visit of Barry Tanner to our AGM in May 2014, GRCCT now has a new interactive website which went live on August 2nd 2014, with a more direct line to key personnel.

It makes finding or checking a therapist more user-friendly and if you put in your post code when prompted, a list of the five Upledger therapists closest to your home will appear. This makes it easier to find a therapist and is a useful advertising tool for qualified practitioners.

There is also a very useful section on staffing and the direct emails of the key personnel who deal with administration and registration. I find Paul Bleak to be particularly helpful in this regard and you can email him direct from the link.

Do have a look and become acquainted with the new site. Any queries about your registration should be answered much more speedily from now on. If you still have difficulties after pursuing the named staff, then please let me know but I hope and trust that this new tool will benefit us all.

All good wishes

Ann Whittle

Chair CSS: 18/8/2014

Joy-ning the Royal Society of Medicine
Posted on 21st March 2014

I have just had the pleasure of being accepted as a Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine....

Parties and Celebrations - 17 May 2014
Posted on 31st December 2013

As I write this it is in fact new year's eve and I am spending a few moments with my new year goals / resolutions whatever you may like to call them. One of them is to get out more...

Join us at the first British Fascia Symposium 10-11 May 2014
Posted on 31st December 2013

The first ever British Fascia Symposium will be held 10-11 May in Windsor, Berks. I have been invited to contribute a talk and aworkshop on the dural fascia which I am delighted about! We will also have a stand there so will have the chance to meet and greet lots of the folk in the fascia world. 

My response to the Immune Response Class
Posted on 16th December 2013

What an interesting 4 days... What a wonderful additional set of ways to use this therapeutic approach.

I dont think I was too sure what to expect from this class - I certainly thought I would consolidate my understanding of the immune system and that I would be able to use this more precisely in treatments. What I was amazed by (and I confess a little resistant to at first!) was the idea that you can tune into the craniosacral rhythm of the immune system itself. Also you can tune into different tissues and then into the Immune system within that tissue..... Why is that useful?

Doing the Diplomate by Caro O'Neill (CST-D!!!!)
Posted on 16th December 2013

I applied for my Diplomate Essay Questions over 3 years ago...sound familiar?!  I took one look at the questions and thought “where do I start” and so put them in a box and didn’t look at them again for several months!  Eventually I got them out of the box again and began on question one “What is SER?”  Well we all know what SER is but you try to put it into writing!  So I chose another question!  And so it went on until I was inevitably left with the most challenging questions. 

The end of an Era...
Posted on 7th June 2013

The 2013 Cranio Sacral Society AGM has marked the end of an era.The society was started in 1999 when John Page and other practitioners, who were finding themselves drawn deeper into this CST work, felt that it would be benificial to the practitioners of their discipline to have a society that would represent their interests and needs,


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