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Upledger CranioSacral Therapy. You've found us. 

Fuelled by our passion to change the way we feel.

Believing in the endless power of the human body.

Realising the art of listening. 

What's new?

We are proud and excited to announce that the bookings for this years

Rhythm and Resonance Symposium are now open!

FInd out full details of the progamme, speakers and the event

are here: 
Rhythm and Resonance 2016



A chance to hear John Matthew Upledger's talk 
which opened our 2012 symposium,
Rhythm & Resonance:
'Dr Upledger's ContributionWhat it means for us today and tomorrow'

It is a beautiful and personal summary of Dr John as a child, adult, father and teacher.


Spot the Practitioner Profile!
Dotted through the site you will find links to some of 'our people' answering 10 fun
CST related questions. 
They will give you a flavour of the wide variety of people
that have trained with us and for whom 
the work has blossomed into a
successful career and business! 




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