Why Choose Upledger CranioSacral Therapy Training?  

We offer the original modular, flexible training in CranioSacral Therapy.

Are you a qualified therapist looking to raise your gameor new to the therapy world and looking for an engaging career?

We think you can find something special here.

CranioSacral Therapy evaluates and treats the craniosacral system – the bones, membranes  & fluid surrounding the brain & spinal cord – which has a profound effect on the nervous system. It teaches us how to listen to and trust a body’s knowledge of itself and what it needs in order to heal, with ‘no agenda’ for what needs to happen. You learn to follow the 'Inner Treatment Plan’.

Our core training curriculum has 5 modules: you can jump straight in to CST1 then 2 if you are already a qualified and insured healthcare practitioner, or else, start with our Foundation Certificate in Body Science. As classes progress we add the concept of SomatoEmotional Release (SER1 & 2), and explore ways to help clients release emotional aspects of trauma. The Advanced 1 class lets us draw technique and experience together and do our own deep inner work. These techniques integrate body-mind-spirit and work beautifully with other modalities.

Other, even more specialised CranioSacral Therapy courses develop work with the brain, immune system, paediatrics and more. We have study groups and clinical application classes, review days and mentorship programmes. Pathways through the training offer unrivalled support.

Therapists and clients experience exciting and amazing changes. Over and over you will find you get great results. And, as you deepen your understanding of the work, you really do find yourself on the journey of a lifetime...

Whatever has brought you here, we are happy to share details of all our CranioSacral Therapy training courses, help you explore what it takes to train as CranioSacral Therapist and discover why we think our world-renouned training courses have so much to offer. 


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*  the anatomy it is crucial to understand
*  how the essence of our approach may revolutionise your touch  
a flavour of what our courses & community are like
*  the unique parts of our training and how it may differ from others'

We all begin this journey from our own personal starting points; we bring different things to the work and have different things to learn to become the best practitioner we can be. Whether you are interested in how our techniques may help your clients, what you will learn if you decide to train with us, the anatomy that will become your ally or even the people you might meet along the way, you can get started right now with our Free 5 Part Online Intro! 



  • Please Share Our Tribute to

    John Matthew Upledger


    We are sharing his presentation at our Rhythm & Resonance Symposium last year...

    You will find out why We Are The Champions...!

    You can also still watch his previous beautiful and personal summary of Dr John as a child, adult, father and teacher, which opened our 2012 symposium, Rhythm & Resonance:
    'Dr Upledger's Contribution: What it means for us today and tomorrow'


  • The Inner Power.... 

    Read the blog if you've not yet read the book... Let the depth of Alexander's understanding help you weave a path to greater neutrality, greater presence and a greater ability to hold of space for your clients and treatments. 

    Enjoy some of the journey that science has begun into these realms and blend this with practical steps to support your own body and mind, as you help to support others. 

    If you get so inspired the book can be bought too! 

  • (Do you) Wonder who our practitioners are?

    And how you can get there from here? Dotted through the site you will find bubble link pictures... click on them to find out about some of our practitioners and / or their answers to 10 fun, CST related questions. They will give you a flavour of the wide variety of people who have trained with us and blossomed into a successful career and business! 



In summary... what you will get with us... 

A journey... towards the art of listening, really listening
A paradigm... believing in the endless power of the human body
A passion to empower... to change the way you feel 

The result? Training and community all doing our best to help grow our world!

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