Welcome to our page to Sample our Training 

Below you will find an introduction, and some short videos of a number of our different classes, hopefully giving a flavour of the lectures, the demonstrations, some of the more intimate classes and also teaching at a symposium. 

Introduction - Caroline Barrow, Director UIUK

Examples of Lecture Material 
Caroline Barrow teaching a CST1 class


Clips of how we teach via Demonstrations   



Chas Perry - Talking on Neutrality, Melding and what is Upledger
to a group of students in an Advanced Clinical Applications Class 

These are classes where we work with a max of 6 students, treating 'real' clients and each other and really look at our development as a therapist . 











Teaching by Demonstration 
Nikki Kenward Demonstrating a Rib Cage technique in a Paeds 2 class



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