CranioSacral Therapy 1

5 out of 5 stars Thursday 19 December, 2013 By Neil M

I have made a reasonable living for the past forty (and the rest) years working as a bonesetter and sports first aider without troubling myself overmuch with such things as Latin names for what may be found under the skin.

Coming on this course, I needed to unlearn plenty. Far from using one’s hands to perform some life saving therapy upon the patient, the practitioner function is to reassure the patient’s own repair and maintenance system that all is well and let it get on with what it has been designed to do.

Dr Upledger’s course emphasises the cerebrospinal fluid, and its rhythm, with the bones being regarded as handles and reflects the very different times within which he lived. The actual course appears remarkably well planned. Within four days we had covered a two hundred page instruction manual; moves were explained, demonstrated then worked on one another.

This was the third cranial type course I have attended but I will not compare the course with any other we may know, it was unique.