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SER2 Review (Online)

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Two morning online sessions 10am - 1pm

SER2 - how to integrate the principles and insights from this class
Your questions about and reflections on the SER2 material.
How best to prepare for the ADV1 class.

Session 1
All the techniques we have so far and what are the principles underpinning
them? What is at the heart of our practise? How do we use therapeutic
Gestalt work, Fritz Perls and Upledger CST
Perception and clarity. It is what it is. One thing leads to another . . .
Ourselves and our tendencies to get in the way of the client’s picture.

Session 2
Carl Jung and Upledger CST
Gaining an understanding of the complexity and hidden treasures within
ourselves and our clients. Gold in the Shadow?
The unconscious/non-conscious, the collective unconscious, anima/animus,
synchronicity, and so much more to explore.

Assagioli, the Psychosynthesis model and Upledger CST
Recognising aspects of ourselves and the importance to our health to be able
to move freely between them.

Our lifetime’s work is to recognise and own our natural tendencies as a
therapist to work from a viewpoint of our own life experience. Are we seeking
to fix, share, rescue and solve the client’s problems for them? Developing
ways of becoming more patient and more neutral in our approach to our
clients and to ourselves. Empowering our clients to become more self-
responsible, and to show compassion and understanding for ourselves.




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