What is On Offer from this 2 Day R&R Symposium? 

* Two days of clinical symposium, witnessing senior therapists in action, treating patients...

* A Saturday night drinks reception
* An update on research
* An update on the Upledger Institute internationally
* Q&A sessions
* Personal certificates for 12 CPD hours &
* Lots of opportunities for networking and catching up with colleagues old and new, including UIUK staff, teachers and study group leaders…

In short, hours of inspiration and a chance to revel in the Rhythm and Resonance of these experienced therapists in the Upledger community,
and explore and celebrate the unique aspects of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy.

Places are limited to 200.





Saturday 24 September:

09.00    Registration & Mingling

09.30    The Last 4 Years... The Next 4 Years
              John-Matthew Upledger

10.25    Building 3-D Awareness while Treating
              Susan Steiner  

11.45    Patient treatment

14.00    Patient treatment

15.35    The Inner Power of Stillness
              Alexander Filmer-Lorch

16.30    The Upledger Foundation Work             
17.15    Finish
18.00    Drinks Reception: venue TBC 

Sunday 25 September:

09.00    Registration & Networking

09.30    Getting the Measure of the Cranial Rhythm
              Thomas Rasmussen

10.25    Working with Epicentre
              Eric Moya  

11.45    Patient treatment

14.00    Patient treatment

15.35    'Clean Language' in our Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue
              Rob Williamson

16.30    Introduction to Listening to the Second Brain -
              Working with the Enteric Nervous System

              Nikki Kenward             
16.55    Closing Comments

17.15    Finish

put it into practice Workshops
Monday 26 september:

09.00    Registration & Socialising

09.30    Putting it into Practice
              Each of our speakers will focus a workshop group,
              from which you can choose one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 
              We will ask you closer to the time for your preferences and
              do our utmost to ensure everyone is happy! 

              Building 3-D Awareness While Treating with Susan Steiner

              Working from Epicentre with Eric Moya

              The Inner Power of Stillness with Alex Filmer-Lorch 

              Listening to the Second Brain - Working with the
              Enteric Nervous System
with Nikki Kenward


13.30    Second choice of workshops 
Those listed above will be repeated in the afternoon

16.30    Moving into the World with Rhythm and Resonance   
              Closing comments with all our speakers

17.00    Finish


Short Bio's on our Esteemed Speakers!   

John-Matthew Upledger: The Last 4 Years - The Next 4 years

John Matthew has been running the Upledger Institute Inc. for the best part of 30 years, in that time helping to bring his father’s work to the international stage. He will share the Institute’s current plans for development, highlights from the Beyond the Dura conference and take us to the leading edge of all that’s going on.


Susan Steiner
Building 3-D Awareness while Treating

As a registered Occupational Therapist for 35 years, Susan Steiner combines her knowledge of physiology and human anatomy with psychology and development. With over 25 years of experience in the field of CranioSacral Therapy and other complementary medicine modalities, Susan has developed a unique ability to blend the art of touch and science to enhance her clients' health.


Eric Moya
: Working with Epicentre

Eric Moya has been teaching for the Upledger Institute for 16 years and is an instructor for CST1, CST2, and the clinical applications courses. Eric is the developer of the CST working with Chronic Depletion course as well as the IAHE Clinical Mentorship Program. With backgrounds in psychotherapy, massage therapy, group facilitation, and organisational development, Eric has a particular passion for trying to identify new ideas and language for a fully integrated therapy for bodymindspirit.


Alexander Filmer-Lorch
: The Inner Power of Stillness

Alexander Filmer-Lorch - author of ‘Inside Meditation’ and co author of ‘The Inner Power of Stillness’ guides and facilitates professionals, teachers and students at an international level. His work as a practitioner, mentor, philosophical thinker, lecturer and teacher is a synthesis of 35 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines and meditation, applied philosophy and Eastern psychology, aiming to bring the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of presence and meditative synthesis.


Thomas Rasmussen: Getting the Measure of the Cranial Rhythm

Thomas has a Ph.D. in medical science and has worked with medical science and evidence based medicine since 1994. In addition, he has a broad scientific background with a MSc in chemistry, a BSc in biochemistry and a BSc in biology. Thomas has been a leading scientist publishing many studies in international journals. He has a private clinical practice and teaches CST1 & 2 and The Brain Speaks 1 class. He has been developing a machine that measures the tiny medial and lateral movements of the mastoid processes and will share where this research has got to relating to evidence for the craniosacral rhythm.  


Rob WIlliamson
: 'Clean Language' in our Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue

Rob has studied Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Tui Na, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and NLP - and of course Craniosacral Therapy! He has run The Plumb Blossom Clinic with his wife Alison for the last fifteen years. Rob has vast experience working with children and young adults on the autistic spectrum and his ‘Clean Language’ training has led to his work with both children and adults who have issues around verbal communication.


Nikki Kenward
: Listening to the Second Brain - Working with the Enteric Nervous System

Nikki Kenward has been  practising and teaching this extraordinary Upledger work for longer than she cares to remember, certainly over 20 years! The new research on the Second Brain, the Enteric Nervous System in our gut, has fascinated her in the last few years and impacts on so many of the people who come to us with mental and physical issues....it also impacts on Nikki who has had PTSD and the accompanying digestive issues as a result of an accident over 10 years ago. Nikki is developing a new course for the Upledger Institute bringing the new ideas to our hands....come and find out more!




We had such a great time at the 2006 and 2012 Symposium we wanted to have another one!
We hope you will be inspired and excited to join us.
If you have any questions please do get in touch, we hope to see you there!


On booking a placeyou will receive the usual order confirmation email.
We will not send an additional email from the office to acknowledge your booking as we usually do, but will send something closer to the time.

We have not included any hotel suggestions or info at this time as people have so many different requirements and budgets
and it is usually easier to find what you are looking for yourself, however, some of us will be staying at the Mecure in Bloomsbury!