Therapists: London

Xander Beal  


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I have 19 years’ experience of CranioSacral Therapy and 24 years of therapeutic massage (Swedish and Deep Tissue), which has exposed me to a vast array of conditions and ailments across all ages. My treatment approach places great emphasis on listening to clients and focusing on the whole body, rather than solely the symptoms presented. 

My CranioSacral Therapy studies have reached advanced classes, including SomatoEmotional Release, and courses specialising in Immune Response, Paediatrics and Visceral Manipulation, as well as CranioSacral Therapy for Small Animals (dogs, cats, etc). I also lead a monthly Study Group.

I live in Battersea, London, work at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Clapham and Notting Hill, and can accommodate home visits.

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Jackie Earl     CST-T                   

Sidcup, South East London

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Hi, I'm Jackie and I work from my clinic within my home in Sidcup, South East London. I have been a massage therapist sinice 2000, and I began my CST journey in 2015, becoming a certified practitioner in July 2020.  I specialise in helping people with chronic pain and stress-related conditions, and just love how gentle yet profound CranioSacral Therapy is.

I have completed further training in CST for Paediatrics, and really enjoy supporting parents and newborns.

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Alexander Filmer-Lorch  

Putney / Southfields

07789 152784    |    |

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Today, I can look back on 25 years of guiding and facilitating clients, and teaching students on an international level. I trained extensively with the Upledger Institute, covering both CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release techniques to Advanced level II. I studied Far Eastern psychology and philosophy forming the basis of my applied humanistic therapy and stress management approach. I offer treatment in South London & East Surrey.

Catherine Godbolt   BSc (Hons) CST MCSS           

Victoria, London

020 7000 3136    |  

Bernadette Kirwan     CST-T MCSS                  
Harrow, North West London

07813 618 109     |    |

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I bring to my work with individuals a caring, attentive and still presence.

I draw on my training and experience in:

  • Coaching adults with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Yoga
  • Sound therapy
  • Massage for relief of pain
  • Studies in literature and language

to respond to what your body / mind needs in any individual therapy session. I am inspired by the words of the farmer-poet Wendell Berry: “… to be quiet in heart, and in eye, clear. What we need is here.”

My therapies are touch or talking therapies, and the practice of yoga. The techniques used can be subtle as in craniosacral therapy, sound therapy or yoga; or they can be directed techniques as in coaching, massage or yoga.

I have a passion for practising craniosacral therapy with people with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism, and helping you to explore the felt experience of these parts of yourself in the body/mind. And I welcome to my practice any person, old or young or in-between, wishing to explore the benefits of craniosacral therapy for the body, mind and spirit.

Through my training and experience, life experience and embodied wisdom, I intend that we connect, resonate and establish a relationship that will allow your inner knowing and embodied wisdom to help you find in yourself what you need for health and wholeness. The poet Colette Bryce guides us to “find in ourselves the child believer” so that we can truly take part in a process of change and growth.


Kiera Peterson     CST-T MCSS             

West London

07853 370933    |   |

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I am passionate about the limitless possibilities we have within ourselves to resolve, release and also to discover and fulfil our potential. I have studied various therapies over the years to facilitate a client’s own integration of their body, mind and spirit.

With a background in massage and kinesiology that started in 1995, my enthusiasm and my holistic approach to my work, has led me to become a Craniosacral therapist with the Techniques certification.

CST has helped me in so many ways, such as completely clearing up a chronic digestive issue that I had experienced for 5 years. As well as helping with back pain and neck problems that I had accumulated in a past career as a metalwork designer/maker, CST is also a continuing journey of discovery. It has helped me to integrate life experiences and so open up to life. I have found that I am a lot more present in my body and this helps me to live life more fully.

I have facilitated craniosacral study groups for Upledger students to practice techniques, and I keep up to date with the latest developments by attending study days, workshops and by regularly assisting on Upledger training programs.

I have also volunteered at St. Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, where myself and other CST therapists offered multi hands sessions to people who were at the end of life and receiving palliative care.

Being dedicated in my practice, I am now in the process of studying for a Diplomat in CST. As I really enjoy working in CST multi hands therapy sessions, and see the many benefits that client’s experience, I also work with Nikki Kenward at her clinic in Marlow fortnightly.

I am fully insured, and am a qualified member of the Craniosacral Society.

Nora Roche     CST MCSS             

Central London & Oxfordshire

07876 697085    |    |

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As well as CranioSacral Therapy, I am a certified structural integration practitioner, massage therapist and reflexologist and have been in practice for over 20 years. Please have a look at my website for more information.

Efterpi Rompoti     CST MCSS                           

South East London 
BSc(Pthy), MManipTher, CST

07799 286 102   |    |

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My name is Efter and my background is in Physiotherapy. I have been practising CST since 2012 and became Techniques certified in 2018. I have always wanted to be some sort of therapist to help others overcome limitations. Studying Physiotherapy (2001) and gaining amaster’s degree in Manual Therapy (2005), gave me a very good understanding of pain mechanisms, functional movement and rehabilitation. The need to explore more about myself and to deepen my awareness of physical-mental- emotional connections led me to CST, which has changed my practice so much! It has also proven to me that personal and professional development goes hand in hand!

I am a mobile therapist offering home visits in South East London incorporating CST and Physiotherapy. I treat clients from all age groups and backgrounds. I enjoy working together with other CST therapists, offering multi-hands sessions whenever possible. When not at work, I am always on the look out for any waves, as I love surfing!

Anna Young    CST                                

Woodford, Essex 

07775 591082    |  |       

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I have been a qualified  physiotherapist since 2000 and I’ve been practising CranioSacral Therapy for over 10 years.  I treat all age groups and conditions, specialising in chronic neck pain, headaches and TMJ disorders. CranioSacral Therapy led me down a path where I discovered that our health is dependent on all aspects of our beings; physical, mental and emotional. Over the last decade, I have become passionate about the impact that stress has on all of these areas and am now committed to sharing this approach to health with people through one to one treatments and workshops.