Therapists: Southeast

Anna Barrick    CST MCSS                             

Brighton & Hove

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Anna has worked in Brighton and Hove as a complementary therapist for over 20 years. She is
qualified in several different therapeutic modalities. However, she is most enthusiastic about
Craniosacral therapy for its ability to resolve the underlying issues that affect our good health and
Anna works with conditions such as: physiological pain, restricted movement, rehabilitation from
injury, surgery or illness, emotional disorders including anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. Anna
also treats babies and children, developmental problems, learning and sensory difficulties,
disabilities and other childhood conditions.
The other therapies Anna currently offers are Bowen Technique and Brainbuzzz therapy for Dyslexia,
Dyspraxia, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Caroline Barrow     CST-D MCSS                 

Study Group Leader & Intro Course Leader
CST1, CST2, CACS, CASR, CAAC Instructor


07958 993007    |         

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Because I am quite busy with teaching and other aspects of UIUK I tend to offer irregular but pre-planned treatment sessions. So while I cannot often respond to urgent needs I am really happy to set up appointments in advance. 

While I mainly use CST, I also incorporate visceral manipulation, having done many of the VM courses and a good number with Jean Pierre Barral, the developer of that work, himself. Also together with other colleagues, we can offer multiple-hands treatments, which we absolutely love to do. 

Maureen Clark     CST MCSS                     

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

07810 171143    |

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I have been a Holistic facilitator since 1996 and I continue to train and broaden my skills. I initially trained as an Aromatherapist and in a quest to extend my knowledge of the Holistic Mind/Body connection I then also trained in Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and Ear Candling.   

I have dedicated some of my time to raising money for and working with people with cancer at Cherry Lodge Cancer Care in Barnet and St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping.  In my experience in working with people with a variety of health problems I have gained great insights into how holistic treatments give a sense of well being and how they can be helpful in coping with the stresses of everyday life as well as dealing with traumatic life events.   

Lindsay Coker-Davies    CST-D MCSS  

Reading, Berkshire

07775 598260    |    |

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I am married with two adult children,  love motorcycling, walking, mountain biking and being with my family.

In 1987 after repetitive back problems, and being something of a ‘couch potato’, I managed to train in to some sort of fitness and shape. Training overtook my life and I had to develop a realistic outlook, as a mother and wife with work commitments.

I trained with the YMCA to qualify as a fitness instructor, and later studied full time to become an International Sports Therapist. I have continued my studies in Sports/Remedial Therapy and Fitness, becoming a Member of the Society of Sports Therapists, The Association of Therapeutic Massage, and many others..

In 1999 I joined the team at Northcroft Leisure Centre in Newbury, Berkshire, where I teach Body Pump, hold my clinics and spend leisure time with my family.

During 2001/2002  I qualified as a teacher in Further education (Cert.Ed.) to lecture part-time at Newbury College. 

In summer 2004  I completed my studies in Bowen Therapy and Neurostructural Integration Technique (Bowen Neuro Therapy) which I practice with my existing work.

During 2007 I started Myofascial and CranioSacral training with the Upledger Institute on a continuing education program. I qualified in CranioSacral therapy in October 2012 and continue to study.

I am very fortunate in being able to keep my feet firmly on the ground by my family, long suffering friends, work colleagues, very loyal clients and the Leisure Centre, all without whom none of the above would have been possible. My thirst for finding ways to enable the body to recover from injury and pain continues………

Suzanne Edgington     CST-T MCSS                 

Roxton, Bedfordshire

07802 864275  |

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I have been practicing Craniosacral Therapy since 2009 and have been a Holistic Therapist since 1996. A trained Naturopath who practices different forms of massage and acupuncture to support and compliment CST work and clients.

I value each ‘unique’ individual with focus on the ‘whole’ person. Supporting the body, mind and soul. I work with a large array of different clients and conditions with a passionate interest in our internal world reflects in our bodies and plays out in our health and the way we live our lives.

My work has taken me into businesses, companies and hospices. As well as a private practice I can also accommodate home visits. I am committed to sharing the benefits of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, offering talks and workshops.


Harriet Fairbank    CST MCSS            

Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire 

07960 389907    |  

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 I came to "Upledger" Craniosacral Therapy (CST) after a riding accident having just lost my mother from a car accident and sister from cancer, both within 6 weeks of each other. Not only has CST helped put my body back together after numerous previous riding accidents, CST also helped me process my intense grief. With such insightful, life enhancing, transformative CST treatments, I realised that I would like to help facilitate the restoration of other people's own health and well-being.

I find that the profound CST’s gentle, energy-healing, hands-on, approach can deeply effect change in client's symptoms, often accessing and releasing deep-seated, core issues of unexplained physical and emotional pain, and illness. CST also helps to rebalance and enhance the mind, body & spirit connection.

I work from home, in a small cotswold village in Oxfordshire.

Maggie Gill    CST-D MCSS                               

Study Group Leader & Intro Course Leader
CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, CACC, CACS, CAAC Instructor
Techniques and Diplomate Examiner

Brighton, Sussex

07967 046943    |

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I found this work through experiencing its profound benefits when an injury forced a career change from educational management. Little suspecting that all my life experience, including an MBA, an interest in change leadership, and that of the psychology of adult learners would be invaluable in my Upledger practise and teaching.

My practice in based in central Brighton, where I treat clients of all ages and backgrounds. My understanding of the demands of working with major responsibilities and teams underpins my current enthusiasm for gaining an understanding of the ways the body works. I completed my core Upledger studies in the UK and supplemented them with classes with Dr John Upledger in the USA. Observing the value of CST for those with PTSD took me to work on various Intensive treatment programmes in Ireland and also in New York after 9/11.  I now offer multi-hands treatments at my practice.

I have led an Upledger Study Group in Brighton since 2003 and created ‘Developing Confidence’ workshops to offer support developmental opportunities for therapists. An active member of the Board of the CranioSacral Society for many years, I currently have responsibility for CPD and Study Groups.

I am also a regular visitor to Cyprus where I have a part-time practice. 

Barbara Gornall    CST MCSS                               

Winnersh, Berkshire

07770332101   |    |

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I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years with a background in Midwifery, neonatal intensive care and working with children. I trained to be an Upledger Craniosacral therapist in 2014 after having treatment myself and realising the power of this light touch therapy. I have trained to Advanced 1 and also qualified in Craniosacral therapy for Paediatrics.

Craniosacral therapy has brought together all my years of nursing experience and allowed me to provide a holistic treatment for all ages.

Karin Hirsch                                  

Elstree, Hertfordshire

020 8953 4883    |

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I have a busy full-time practice at home in Elstree in Hertfordshire as a homoeopath and doing craniosacral therapy.
I originally qualified as  a pharmacist in 1979. In 1994 I decided to train as a homeopath and I started on my craniosacral training in 2004. I have completed the Upledger training to Advanced 3 level.
I treat patients of all ages from pre-conception to old age for all sorts of conditions and symptoms, whether mental, emotional and or physical.
I find that these two modalities work very well together.
Heather Hollett   CST MCSS                               

Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

07815 437003   |    |

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I started my journey into health and well-being nineteen years ago, starting out as a personal fitness trainer and then becoming a massage therapist in 2003. I then went on to train in remedial and sports massage, reiki, reflexology, specialist pregnancy massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

My first introduction to CranioSacral Therapy was witnessing first-hand the positive effect the treatment was having on my daughter who had sensory processing issues. I then personally experienced its profound benefits when a painful longstanding injury I was suffering from improved dramatically after only a couple of sessions. I was immediately hooked by this gentle yet powerful treatment.

I began my training in 2011, qualifying in 2018. I have undertaken further courses in paediatrics, pregnancy, conception and birth, chronic depletion, gut health, therapeutic imagery and dialogue and sensory integration. I feel as though the gentle Craniosacral Therapy approach has brought together and deepened my skills and experience and I am constantly amazed yet never surprised at the body’s ability to self-correct and rejuvenate. 

I treat people of all ages and with a variety of disorders, ranging from back problems, migraine,  illnesses and injuries to emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. I also treat babies and have a particular interest in children with behavioural, concentration and sensory integration issues.

I work from home, in my beautiful purpose-built cabin in a small village near Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire. 

Sheila Hoy    CST-D MCSS                               

Study Group Leader & Intro Course Leader

Banbury, Oxfordshire

01295 780027    |

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I work at home in the small village of Epwell, Oxfordshire. I run a very busy practice working from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Despite having trained in various other therapies since 2003, I now work as an Upledger CranioSacral therapist, using Barrel's visceral manipulation techniques when appropriate. I find this combination an extremely effective treatment for most conditions.

I treat lots of children, from crying babies to those who have suffered accidents, illness or have concentration or other behavioural problems.

Adults usually come to see me with back problems, head injuries or post operative pain. I commonly treat migraine, cancer, ME, MS or any other neurological problems.

I find CranioSacral therapy particularly effective for helping unexplained pains and conditions.

I am the local CranioSacral therapy mentor running a study support group for other therapists training under Upledger, where we share new ideas, research and techniques.

Lorna Kennard     CST  MCSS               

Bourne End, Berkshire

01628 524050    |    07748 908454    |    |

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Since 2001, through my initial training and subsequent work in Sports Massage and Sports Rehabilitation, I became aware that sometimes there was something else behind the physical issue a person had come to me with. This often meant the problem would resolve only to returned unexpectedly. Consequently I became interested in the Body-Mind relationship, which ultimately led me to train in CranioSacral therapy, because of its gentle nature and ability to work with your body as a complete being, including the emotional aspect of ourselves.

My training has also taken me to study Visceral Manipulation. Working and listening to the organs; their attachments, surrounding structures and their relationships with the rest of the body, to release any unwanted restrictions that can be impacting on their function and potentially causing pain elsewhere due to the bodies compensations.

I love both approaches for helping patients, as they both put you and your body in control of what is right and appropriate to resolved unwanted pain or discomfort. To me treatments should be a 3-way process between myself, you and your body, to find the route to health that right for you.

More details about the treatments I offer and how I work can be found on my website.

Nikki Kenward     CST-D MCSS                                         

Study Group Leader & Intro Course Leader
CST1, CLSB, CACP Instructor  
Techniques & Diplomate Examiner

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

07879 416237    |

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Nikki Kenward has been an Upledger therapist for over 15 years as well as teaching  and examining for the Upledger Institute internationally.

Nikki is a paediatric specialist with particular interest and training in sensory processing issues, the gut, autism, ADD, speech and learning and supporting families.

In her adult practice Nikki treats many people with MS, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Fiona Ratti    CST-T                              

Hove, East Sussex

07970 526784    |    

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Hi, my name is Fiona and I have been a therapist for 20 years. I qualified as an Acupuncturist in 1999 and after 10 years decided the time was right to study CST. I had discovered it as a student and found it to be the only treatment that consistently improved my pain levels caused by an accident in a gymnastics class as a teenager.

As I progressed through the training, I came to realise the breadth and unlimited possibilities CST offers to people. To experience it is to believe it! And the profound change it can offer is a tremendous resource for so many people with a wide variety of life stories intertwining the physical and emotional.

I qualified in 2019 and treat a variety of complaints for babies, children and adults. If I'm not in clinic, I'll be walking on the South Downs, cycling along the coast or swimming in the sea! 

Georgia Turzinski     CST MCSS             

Hassocks, W Sussex

07979 080206    |    |

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My other qualifications include: Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master.

My clinic room is in Clayton, West Sussex at the foot of the South Downs and I am available every week day and some evenings.

I have attended the Upledger Immune Response course and Paediatrics. I am also attending a course on autism with Autism Sussex.

Gabor Vajnai      CST MCSS                        

Study Group Leader & Intro Course Leader

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

01892 278631    |    |

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Gabor is dedicated to the learning and practicing of “Light Touch” therapeutic methods. Techniques that are non-invasive and support his clients’ own resources, their inherent self healing, and restoring forces. Through the holistic approach of CranioSacral Therapy he found a synthesis of giving therapeutic support and facilitating self development.

Over the years he developed skills with and qualified in

CranioSacral Therapy CST – Upledger Institute
Rhythmical Massage Therapy – Margarethe Hauschka Schule
Remedial Massage – Northern Institute of Massage and Reiki.

Gabor is regularly assisting on trainings of the Upledger Institute UK, he is a study group leader for therapist in training and appointed to hold classes for Introduction to Upledger CranioSacral Therapy.

For several years Gabor has been working in inpatient rehabilitation for patients with acquired brain injury.

His previous experiences include community living and working together with children and adults with special needs in the Social Therapeutic environment of Camphill Community centres in the UK and in Ireland.

Professional Affiliations:

General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies  GRCCT  Registration Number:  642627
Cranio Sacral Society  CSS
Council for Anthroposophic Health and Social Care  CAHSC Registration Number:  RM 43
Rhythmical Massage Therapy Association  RMTA

Alison Williamson   BSc CST MCSS       

Chelmsford, Essex

01245 283251    |    |

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I originally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes Acupuncture, TuiNa, Cupping, Moxibustion and Chinese Herbal Medicine. I also teach pregnancy yoga and childbirth preparation workshops. My speciality is promoting fertility, supporting couples through IVF, labour and post natal support. The Clinic is open Tuesday to Saturday including late nights. 

Mark Woodgate     CST MCSS                 

Brighton, Sussex

07834 458597    |

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Until 2003 I worked in Finance in the City. Typically I was on the phone for long periods of time and I developed a neck problem. A massage therapist, who was helping me with this, asked me if she could try some CranioSacral Therapy at the end of one of my treatments.

I agreed not knowing what it was or what to expect. That was it! Profound, quite astonishing, and certainly like nothing I had ever experienced. From that moment on I was hooked and in total wonderment of this gentle, powerful therapy. What was it? How does it work? I needed to know more. I left the City that year and decided to become a CranioSacral Therapist.

I have since undertaken many years of training both in the UK and in America, including Advanced Work and Paediatrics and even working with clients in the water with Dolphins. I have taken my Upledger Techniques Certification Exams and I am a Qualified member of the CranioSacral Society.

I shall always be indebted to that wonderful lady and her hands, and for her introducing me to this extraordinary work. I now practice in Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, and treatments in your own home can also be arranged.