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What is at the heart of our training and our practice?

Our journey towards the art of listening - really listening... 
Our belief in the endless power of the human body...
Our passion to change the way we feel. 

The result? Empowered therapists who empower their clients. 


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Want to Become an Upledger CST Therapist? How to get there from here...
We all begin this journey from our own personal starting points; we bring different things to the work and have different things to learn to become the best practitioner we can be. Whether you are interested in how our techniques may help your clients, what you will learn if you decide to train with us, the anatomy that will become your ally or even the people you might meet along the way, SIGN UP to our email series to find out all about us and for a head start on how to get there from here

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  • Wonder who our  practitioners are?

    Dotted through the site you will find bubble link pictures... click on them to find some of our practitioners answers to 10 fun, CST related questions. They will give you a flavour of the wide variety of people who have trained with us and blossomed into a successful career and business! 


  • Latest Blog Post

    What exactly is a Symposium? 

    An Ancient Greek party of convivial discussion, entertainment and hedonistic revelry, intellectual discussion or a modern day celebration of all things CST? 

  • Dr Upledger's Contribution...

    A chance to hear John Matthew Upledger's talk which opened our 2012 symposium, Rhythm & Resonance:
    'Dr Upledger's Contribution: What it means for us today and tomorrow'

    It is a beautiful and personal summary of Dr John as a child, adult, father and teacher.


Our next big thing...

The 2016 Rhythm & Resonance Symposium

24-26 September 2016 

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Here is some of the low down from our Keynote Speakers: