The Anatomy it is Crucial to Understand

Part 2 – The Dural Membranes

Here is the Part 2 of some of the anatomy you need to know for CranioSacral Therapy.

I hope its interesting!


(Extra points if you spotted the mistake at 17.44…!
For some reason I said coccyx… I should have said sacrum. Doh!)


Helpful? Not too daunting? You do need to know some anatomy for CST.

In case you missed Part 1 here the link to it.

 Part 1


If you are interested in training in CST but aren’t yet a therapist and so would need to get an anatomy and physiology qualification, check out our purpose built for CST Foundation Certificate in Body Science (delivered by the College of Body Science.)

Oooh... tell me about the Foundation


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PS. The beautiful images used in the videos are all Netter illustrations – used under licence. see