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CranioSacral Therapy 1 is the beginning of a journey into you becoming an (even more) amazing practitioner. In fact, its a lot about also becoming an (even more) amazing person!

The work that we learn to do to help others with their healing process, we also need to do for ourselves. Both so we understand it and so that we embody it.

This process takes time, practice and dedication, but is truly extraordinarily rewarding and joyful. No treatment is ever boring, uneventful or dull. There is always something new to notice, experience and learn from. I still say that after 25 years….

So, welcome aboard.

If thats all a bit too woo-woo apologies.

What you will learn in CranioSacral Therapy 1 is also hugely practical. Its the groundwork for everything that follows afterwards.

You will learn to palpate and work with the craniosacral system, especially, to feel the craniosacral rhythm and make use of it both in assessing the body and doing the techniques effectively. 

As a safe and effective start to using this work Dr Upledger and colleagues developed what we call the 10-step protocol. These steps can be used to carry out a full treatment session that will gradually train up your hands in the delicate and light touch we use, and get really effective results for your clients.

The techniques address bones (especially the cranial bones and pelvis), fascia and fluid and include: methods of treating the pelvis, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic inlet area, hyoid bone and occipitocranial base. We will show you how to do the frontal & parietal lifts; work on the sphenoid and temporal bones and the TMJ. We will use the bones as handles on the fascial membranes under them and treat them to – especially the dural membranes in the head and vertebral column. Sound fun?!

All of this will be to help your clients ‘iron out’ kinks in their inner body stockings (so to speak!), make sure their bones are sitting in as good alignment as possible and help the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid round the brain and spinal cord.

If any of that anatomy is a bit confusing don’t worry – we will explain it using lots of models and diagrams; we will explain why we are doing what we are doing to satisfy the left brain, before we  focus on the practice and experience of doing and receiving the techniques which will definitely serve the right brain.

What you leave with will help your clients even from the next working day.

If you are not yet a therapist but want to do our Training from Scratch programme this is still the class you start with. We will assist you at every step along the way…


The Formal List of Highlights

  • Feel the craniosacral rhythm and use it as an assessment tool
  • Appreciate the anatomical intricacies of aspects of the skull, cranial sutures and the vertical and horizontal cranial membrane systems
  • Why working with the dural tube has such positive effect on the rest of the body
  • Understand fascia as a whole body system, the visco-elastic characteristics of tissue and how we can use it to pinpoint the source of physical problems
  • What a still point is and how and why to induce one (including CV4)
  • How and when to use ‘direction of energy’ techniques
  • Come away with the 10-step treatment protocol you can integrate into your practice immediately or use on family and friends.


It is usual that participants will be a professional healthcare practitioner, or a student in a healthcare programme, with a Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology qualification. If you are not a healthcare practitioner but want to do the course please contact the office.
If you have never experienced CranioSacral Therapy for yourself, it is highly recommended that you have at least a few sessions prior to the class. This will help you gain valuable insights into how the technique works and what its effects are on the body. If you need help with finding a practitioner then you can have a look on the Therapists page of the website (link here and also above- these are are experienced and qualified practitioners), contact the office, check the practitioners listed on the CranioSacral Society website, or go to which is the international UI listing and Search for a Practitioner. However, please be aware that inclusion on this list does not imply any recommendations from UIUK.

Required Advance Reading

CranioSacral Therapy, chapters 1-6, by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, and Jon D. Vredevoogd, MFA
Your Inner Physician and You by Dr. John E. Upledger


Our venue in Kenilworth is the Holiday Inn; in Brighton, we will be at The Old Ship; in London, The Diorama Arts Centre NW1; and, in Perth, at the Royal George. Spaces are limited in all these venues so please book in time to avoid disappointment!

Any hesitations? our guarantee:

We are so confident that if you are a practicing therapist you will see straight away the value that this course will add to your work, that we guarantee if you do not feel this by the end of the first day of the class we will refund you the entire course fee on the spot, on return of the manual. So what do you have to loose? 

Additional information

Location & Date

Brighton, 20-23 Nov 2024, Brighton, 3-6 July 2024, Kenilworth, 11-14 Sept 2024, Liverpool, 20-23 March 2024, London, 15-18 March 2023, Brighton, 14 – 17 June 2023, Perth, Scotland, 20-23 September 2023, Brighton, 29 November – 2 December 2023


£580 + VAT, Balance payment after deposit paid, Deposit – balance due 1 month prior to course start date, I am ALREADY signed up to the Core Pack / TFS payment plans, Retake £290 + VAT

1 review for CranioSacral Therapy 1

  1. Neil M

    I have made a reasonable living for the past forty (and the rest) years working as a bonesetter and sports first aider without troubling myself overmuch with such things as Latin names for what may be found under the skin.

    Coming on this course, I needed to unlearn plenty. Far from using one’s hands to perform some life saving therapy upon the patient, the practitioner function is to reassure the patient’s own repair and maintenance system that all is well and let it get on with what it has been designed to do.

    Dr Upledger’s course emphasises the cerebrospinal fluid, and its rhythm, with the bones being regarded as handles and reflects the very different times within which he lived. The actual course appears remarkably well planned. Within four days we had covered a two hundred page instruction manual; moves were explained, demonstrated then worked on one another.

    This was the third cranial type course I have attended but I will not compare the course with any other we may know, it was unique.

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