Fly me to the zoom….

The Post CST1 Catch up Zoom!

Post CST1 Catch Up


The Zoom Call was recorded on 12 January 2024…

Sorry you missed us live – but hope you enjoy the recording. There were lots of great questions!

Press play below to catch up.

(It will be available here until 12 April 2024, and in the resources area for those on the Core Pack after that.)


So keep going with the beautiful set of 10 (OK, we know there are more in there really!) steps from CST1…


Step 11?

Found this recording helpful? You can get access to the recordings of all of the after class catch ups (who’s level you have taken) if you are on the Core Pack or doing Training from Scratch.

The Core Pack includes core curriculum classes, the exam process and lots of cool bonuses.

This offer is only available after CST1. Those on the Nov/Dec 23 class have until Jan 31 to decide.

Contact Marilyn in the office if you are interested.


Ready to up-level?

Join us for CST2. 

The next one is in Perth with Maggie Gill 6 – 9 March.

After that, with me 28 June – 1 July, in (hopefully) sunny Brighton

(the ‘hopefully’ is on the sunny, it’s definitely in Brighton!).

The one after that is 23 – 26 October, taught by me again, in Liverpool.


I’m ready… for more magic!