How do I become a CranioSacral Therapist?

In the UK you are ‘allowed’ to call yourself an Upledger CranioSacral Therapist after you have completed the core training of CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2 and Advanced 1 and successfully completed the Techniques Certification exam. You also need to be a member of the Cranio Sacral Society.

However, the courses are designed as postgraduate training, so some previous experience with bodywork is also necessary if you wish to become qualified to practice. This is for two reasons. The first is that the palpatory skills you develop are subtle and precise, so it is important that you have had some experience with therapeutic touch (I don’t mean the technique by that name, just the general concept) to build from.

Secondly, since the training is devised by the Upledger Institute in the US, and their various therapeutic licensings are different from ours, the courses do not teach the background for working as a therapist. This includes codes of ethics, case history taking, anatomy, physiology and pathology, and, not least, the ability to get adequate insurance.

We are now offering a route by which you can get this training – see next question!

Can I attend your courses if I am not a qualified practitioner?

Yes, it is still possible to attend the courses if you are not a qualified practitioner, but in that case we require you to sign a consent form stating that you understand we are not teaching you to be a professional therapist and that our courses do not offer any type of licensure to perform therapy professionally.

Occasionally, this is because people want to be able to do the first class to support a family member who needs the work, or similar.

We are now offering an extended route through our training that will enable you to Train from Scratch. Find our more on our Training from Scratch page.

Are CPD (continuing professional development) points available for your courses?

Yes, probably. At present, in the UK, there is a growing number of organisations requiring evidence of CPD. While we have not contacted all of these directly, we are happy to speak to your organisation if they require information about the course you are interested in, and we will do what we can to assist you in obtaining approval. You will gain a Certificate of Attendance for your presence on the course, and this is usually acceptable as proof for CPD reasons.

If I have to cancel a class, can I get a refund?

Any tuition paid is refundable (less a £50 admin fee) up to 30 days prior to a class, or in most cases may be applied towards another class at any time. Cancellations made inside of 30 days will incur a fee of £100. Cancellation requests must be made in writing or by email to mail@upledger.co.uk. This policy may vary for classes that are privately sponsored or are specialized or limited in the number of participants. Refunds are usually made in the manner of the original payment. Please note that, in the case of courses that include accommodation, once this has been booked we are unfortunately not able to refund it.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not, though we are happy to work out payment plans on an individual basis. Please call us if you would like to discuss this. Or see our Core Pack and Training from Scratch Payment Plans, which offer great value.

How many days are your courses and what hours do they run?

Courses are generally four or five days long and usually run from 9am – 5 or 6pm each day, ending at about 3:30 pm on the last day of class. There are occasionally exceptions to this, which we would let you know in advance.

How far ahead of time do I need to register for a class?

Many courses fill up well in advance of the start date. We recommend that you register as early as possible to ensure your space in a class. A deposit of £200 will secure your place.

If I am taking the class again do I have to pay the full price?

No. There is a retake fee of £300 for most of the courses; but there is no reduced rate for the Advanced classes due to their small size and intensive nature.

Do the course developers teach the classes?

In some cases yes, though in most cases they do not. Many classes were originally designed by Dr John Upledger, and are now updated and moderated by senior instructors.

The Upledger Institute maintains a rigorous teacher certification programme to ensure the material and presentation is consistent and of the highest quality. All of our instructors have gone through extensive apprenticeship programmes before being certified to teach.

Do the courses vary in different parts of the world?

No. The content remains the same wherever you do the course, therefore you can take any level in a different location, as long as you have completed the required pre-requisite courses.

As indicated above, all of the instructors go through rigorous training and are kept updated with any changes to the content or structure of the course, so while different instructors have different styles and strengths, the core content will be the same.

How do I locate practitioners who have trained with the Upledger Institute?

See our Therapists page for contact details for all practitioners who have qualified through us. The Cranio Sacral Society also has a list of members on it here.

The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP) is also a useful resource for those seeking trained healthcare practitioners. The IAHP lists information such as name, professional titles, city, state, email, province and phone numbers, as well as courses taken.  You will find that here.

If I buy products from your site, what is your delivery policy?

On buying products you have two options for delivery – if you have booked a course as well, you can choose to pick up the products when you attend the course or else we will, of course, send them by post.

We use Royal Mail postage, and costs are calculated according to the weight of the product. Costs are given for standard UK 2-3 day delivery; if you would like a faster service or products sent internationally, we are happy to do this but it is likely to incur additional postage costs – please get in touch with the office and we will arrange it.

Your products will be shipped as soon as payment is received – in the case of a cheque or BACS payment, we will confirm its arrival by email and notify you as soon as your goods have been sent out.