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‘I wanted to do CranioSacral Therapy training for my clients and felt it was the next level for me in work and life.
Physical, mental and emotional release has happened for me on such a deep level, and in such a transformational way.
It is an extraordinary gift to have and share with others.’

Katie Light

Do you have clients who have plateaued in their improvement?
In your heart do you sense something’s missing from your skillset?

Or maybe you want a NEW career as a therapist?

Whether you’re a qualified therapist or deciding to become one… you know there’s more.

You’re curious about how people heal, how to help them go deeper: physically, emotionally, mentally…

… and you want to become the best therapist you can be, assured and confident in your ability to help clients get great results and turn things around.

CranioSacral Therapy is an empowering and fulfilling way to do that.

Upledger CST training helps you up-level your hands-on skills, lighten your touch and deepen your connection…

What if you could have:


“For me CST is a way of life – I had no idea that it would change my life so fundamentally,
and would impact my entire family, all for the better…”

Caro O’Neill CST-D MCSS


“Before I found CST, my hands had started doing ‘something different’ when I was working with people, but I wasn’t sure quite what it was. Embarking on the training filled the gaps in my understanding of what was happening… and then took what I could feel, and work with, so much further…”
Caroline Barrow



Our training is (so much) more than just a new set of techniques

(Even though the techniques we teach are actually awesome.)

Among MANY other things you’ll discover:

      • A profound and powerful way to connect with and support people of all ages, with all types of issues.
      • That an extraordinarily light touch has remarkable effects on deep structures and processes within the body – leaving clients searching for words to explain the transformational shifts they feel (there often are no words!).
      • How to help gently untangle the physical, mental and emotional stresses that affect a client’s health and life, to bring respite, relief and deep change within.


When you train with us you’ll: 

You’ll start
to bring your clients to what they didn’t even know they needed, experiencing breakthroughs that surprise and delight them. Quietly revel in the privilege and pleasure of facilitating transformation in your client, and trust in yourself as a therapist. 

“What I really like about the Upledger system is that it is extremely thorough; every course is really prepared and thoughtful, and each seems to spark your curiosity in a different way. But be prepared, once you are hooked, this work cannot be condensed into a few days… there are so many avenues of wonder to explore ”

Leyla Rees

And becoming a qualified Upledger CranioSacral Therapist brings you so much more…

You receive lots of treatments (as well as giving them) – a hugely important part of the training, so that you intimately experience the change and transformation CST can bring about.

You do your own inner work and as you dive into the process more deeply, you improve your own health on every level – a great win-win!

Along the way you forge friendships and relationships that often stay with you far beyond your early training days.

You go on a journey that is as unique and individual as you are… 

The destination? (Where do you want to get to?)



So where do I start? 

Already a Therapist? You’ll need the Core Pack to add CST to your practice, get competent and qualified.

The details are all HERE.


No therapy background (or qualification), but you want to build a thriving, joyful, prosperous business will make your soul sing?

Training From Scratch
is your pathway

Want to know more about CST first?  

Maybe you have just heard about CranioSacral Therapy and want to know more
about what it is and what it might be like to receive.

No problem… we explain it all here.


Hi, I’m Caroline Barrow.
I run the Upledger Institute in the UK.
Our mission? To support our students to become the best CranioSacral Therapists they can be.


I remember the moment I decided to become a therapist.

I’d always been fired up by living life to its fullest potential, how these miraculous bodies of ours work and how we can help and support others along our journeys. Late one night, contemplating what I wanted to do next in my life, I was suddenly hit by the realisation that becoming a hands-on therapist was a path that would tick these boxes. I felt inspired and excited – and surprised I hadn’t realised it before.

I did some amazing training and learnt some awesome ways to treat, but there were still sessions that seemed to lack something. I knew I could trust my hands as I worked, but didn’t always understand what they were feeling. I wanted to be more effective, but wasn’t sure how to be, which was frustrating.

Then I found CranioSacral Therapy (or did it find me?!). It changed the game. It gave me the science to back up what I was feeling. It gave me a new lens to see what was happening in my practice. It taught me techniques that moved the needle for my clients which increased my confidence.

And it continuously helps me to become a better therapist – a work always in progress. Now I run the institute in the UK, organising the classes and teaching, constantly spurred on by those moments when people’s faces light up with what they are feeling.

Twenty-five years on, what CST brings to the table still blows me away: I am left awed by clients, inspired by students and always deeply grateful.