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If you’ve found your way to this page you’re probably already a qualified, insured hands-on therapist, interested in adding CranioSacral Therapy to your treatments.

Want to know what the Upledger training is like?

Most of our students say:

‘It’s a Journey…’

And every journey begins with the first step, right?

Your first step on this journey is our 4-day CranioSacral Therapy 1 class.

You can sign up for that whenever you are ready. (Find upcoming dates on the Calendars page and also on the CST1 sign up page.)

To continue training and get qualified, we have 4 more core curriculum classes.

We call them CranioSacral Therapy 2, SomatoEmotional Release 1 & SomatoEmotional Release 2; and Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 1.

You need to do them in that order.

And have time in between to practice (see below).

But do you want to be ALL IN? Do you just know that this is something you want to commit to and master?

Further down this page you will find out about the CORE PACK, our unique offering that gives you all the courses, lots of study resources, a slew of bonuses AND saves you £££.

Or you can still do the courses one at a time.

If you’re not sure yet, come to CST1 and then decide!



And then there’s the other part of the journey.

The more personal one, that you probably can’t predict or anticipate,

other than knowing that to help your clients find their path to healing, you have to find yours first…

So what will each class give you?

CranioSacral Therapy 1

A complete treatment protocol that embodies the essence of the CST approach

Your hands find a new way to work.
You feel new rhythms and ‘hear more’ with your hands – using less pressure than you may expect.
You explore different ways to treat fascia – the connective tissue that runs all through the body – including (probably) new areas like the head and spinal cord.
Your hands’ proprioceptors wake up further and their feeling sense reaches a new level.
You come out with a ’10 Step Treatment Protocol’ to take away and practice LOTS. Like a musician learning and then practicing scales and studies until they are fluent.
Even this first level of skills can be a game changer for your clients.

 CranioSacral Therapy 2

Connect even more deeply with clients to help their body make even deeper structural and energetic change 

Firstly you see why a hugely important bone in the skull – the sphenoid – is so important.
Then you experience the transformation that can come from treating the bones of the face and hard palate…
After that, you venture ‘off-piste’.
Would it be helpful to know EXACTLY WHERE a body wants / needs you to start and to treat? Learn exciting ways to hone right in, every time… And a few more awesome ways to work when you are there.


SomatoEmotional Release 1

Reach deeper into you – hold a more potent space for clients.

After LOTS more practice of all the work from the previous classes, this next level demonstrates the extraordinary value of releasing what Dr Upledger called ‘the avenue of expression’ – tissues of the throat and floor of the mouth.
You learn more about the ways we hold emotion in the body and how to work with emotions that surface with hands-on tissue work (ie somato – body tissue – emotional release or SER).
Imagine becoming confident to work with feelings, images or experiences coming up for the client. It’s a lot about learning how to hold space. Empower the client. Not fixing anything for them but sitting alongside them on their journey.
To do this well? Things we need to work on in ourselves also have a way of surfacing…

SomatoEmotional Release 2

Now you are cooking! Developing the craft, deepening the art form…

In this class you expand and deepen the possibilities you offer your clients, exploring how to integrate aspects of psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Jungian psychologies with our bodywork approach.
This brings you different tools and possibilities to help clients discover more about themselves and improve their body-mind-spirit wellbeing at an even deeper level.
All while we are still working hands-on, deeply observing changes in the tissue.

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy 1

Commitment. To your work. Your clients. Yourself. 

You will continually hear us emphasize the importance of getting on the table ourselves, getting treatments, doing our inner work. It is a vital part of our growth as practitioners.
This class delivers this in spades: working multi-hands for 5 days on retreat.
You experience when to speak, when to employ a technique, when to be silent… to follow what their system is asking for to support its healing.
In your turn on the table you dive in to yourself, and come away more proficient at holding the space for others.

And after that?

Those are the classes in our Core Curriculum.

You will typically need 3 – 6 months in between each class to practice and embed what you have learned (guidance is given in each class).

Qualification = Core curriculum classes + Exam + CSS 

These 5 classes and successful completion of what we call the Techniques Exam (see link) is what you need to become qualified in the UK.

Says who?  The Cranio Sacral Society, which is the accrediting body for our training. (Why we have our own governing organisation is a long story, that started in the late 1990’s when the government asked complementary therapies to figure out their own journeys to self regulation… and a meaty tale for another time.) You will need to maintain membership for your qualification status. But we’ll fill you in on more about that later. 

Our students’ view about each of the classes

Placeholder Image

CST1: a new chapter in my life

Doing CST1 I realised that the power of a light touch can bring great healing. I have a deeper connection with myself and the universe and am endlessly grateful for the course. Thank you everyone in the room for this amazing energy.


CST1: An Enriching Experience

I have certainly gained a wider understanding of the processes involved in CST and so much more besides… I might go so far as to say this was a really enriching experience that I want to take forwards and I will work out where and how this will fit for me. Thank you for this amazing course!


The Gift of CST2

‘The CST2 course was a wonderful, supportive learning environment. Caroline has a unique ability to breathe life into anatomy and technique lectures in a way that makes content immediately accessible and enjoyable. Leaving the course feeling enthusiastic and motivated to treat and prepare for the next step in the therapeutic process, rather than overwhelmed by information, is the real gift and value of Upledger courses.’

Carol Watt

The Post CST2 effect….

Since starting my training in CST I have noticed a huge shift on every aspect of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel I am more in touch with my true essence than I have been since I was about 5 years old, more centred, more grounded, more at peace. With regards to my holistic therapy work, CST has brought in new layers and new depths to all my treatments. I feel I get to the source of patients’ problems much quicker than before and have so many tools to help them heal. As a homeopath, I feel that CST works in a very similar way, in that it encourages the body’s own healing system to recentre and rebalance, without force, which is how I love to...

Sam Mitchell

The SER1 Boost…

SER1 helped to boost my confidence and strengthen the techniques I have learned. Extraordinary content and amazing instructors. There is also always so much support from the students and assistants in the classes too. If you feel this course is for you be prepared to go beyond!! Enjoy the path…

Daniella B

SER1: So helpful for my practice

This class furthered my experience of and confidence in communicating with my inner wisdom. In my practice I can see I am becoming more neutral and allowing more time and space for the wonder and witnessing of CST work. It’s very helpful for my practice!

Lorena McLaughlin

SER2 from Afar…

I decide to come to this course (from Spain) to have a different experience. I was a little hesitant at first because of the language, but Caroline and Maggie and the group made me feel really comfortable and I have had an amazing experience here in the UK. I’ll recommend it to anyone.


After SER2

What a journey! Wonderful teaching in a lovely gentle manner & pace, allowing for questions, process, examples of client reactions & also laughter when needed. Such a valuable learning experience – again – giving me confidence & awareness of how many actual CST tools I have. #inspired-excited-grateful

Clare J

Advanced 1: Transformative training

When I began my CST journey my perception was about being a therapist and helping others. While it has delivered this in bucket loads at all course levels, it has also been transformative for me. This work has allowed me to get a sense of who I am, to feel more connected to my physical body, my emotions and my spiritual self. It has opened doors I never thought I would be capable of walking through but I did. The Institute supports their students on their journey as do the other members in your class groups so you never feel alone or isolated. If this work sparks a light within you don’t hesitate – act upon that light. You have nothing to loose yet so much to gain.  

Mark Woodgate

On the Core Pack…

The core pack has been an amazing experience for me and has meant I have been able to continue on a journey I never thought I would be taking, physically, mentally and emotionally both for myself and my clients. It has also meant that I am going to be doing the CSTT exams which would probably not have been done if I had not taken the Core Pack. It is better value for money too if you plan on starting on this journey as you know you will have the 5 main courses under your belt. I would certainly recommend anyone starting on the CST journey go with the core pack.

Naomi Pegden

On the Core Pack and Qualifying

For anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge about themselves, and explore the CST work – in order to be a more skillful therapist and have more tools and resources to help their clients – qualifying with Upledger has been one of the best investments in myself and my career. The vast knowledge, expertise and experience of the instructors and tutors was incredible and made assimilating the information easier and fun.


So then…. What’s the Core Pack?

The BEST (best price – most thorough – most supported) way through our training.

It’s everything you need to get competent, qualified and rocking it in your therapy business!


The Full Details. The Core Pack will give you:

  • A place on each of our Core Curriculum classes: CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1 (you choose the dates)
  • The Techniques Exam Process, whenever you are ready to start it
  • A Goody Bag crammed with lovely things CST including:
    • Books: Your Inner Physician and You; CranioSacral Therapy (brown book) CSTII Beyond the Dura (blue book) SER and Beyond (green book)
    • Craniosacral System Poster
    • Still Point Inducer (we’ll explain in CST!!)
    • Mini 10-Step Protocol poster (A4 size)
    • 50 Personalised Leaflets (usually after CST2)

PLUS all these BONUSES:

  • 5 online zoom study groups – one a month after each class (recordings will be available)
    PLUS y
    ou will be welcome to attend the zoom sessions a month after any class if you are on the Core Pack. If you are not they will cost £30 each.
    (You could save roughly up to 20 x 30 £600 if you came to them all!)
  • 4 x anatomy masterclasses (on the TMJ, sphenoid, craniosacral system, one other)
  • 3 x Exam Preparation classes (pre-recorded)
  • 4 ‘Deep Dive’ sessions over the course of the training
  • Opportunity to resit CST1 and 2 at the exam fee price of £235 and £279 (instead of £348 & £398) (resitting is a great way to consolidate your learning and understanding)
  • There will be a few other extra surprises thrown in as we go along too….!

All of the above is valued in excess of £6500. You will get added support AND be able to cover the costs in small regular amounts AND save money by being on the Core Pack! 

What a gift you’ll be giving yourself.

What a space you’ll be able to hold for clients.

Are you in?

Let me remind you what you will get from working with us:

Training in a therapy that will bring profound change to your clients

Skills that will continue to grow and evolve (and delight you for years!)

Lots of opportunity for you to do your own work, which contributes to that evolution…

A light touch modality that will be easy on your hands and body, as that clock ticks forwards…

Exciting ways to work with the body-mind-spirit… as Dr John said:
‘Tell me, where exactly does the mind end and the body begin?’

I could go on… Have you had a session or three with an experienced therapist?

If possible, go and experience it for yourself if you haven’t yet. Then decide.

Or if you know:


Our Crazy Community…. It’s Serious Work….!!!