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Wondering where to find our qualified and experienced practitioners?

Select the area above that seems most appropriate for you (ref map right – sorry it’s not interactive!). Of course there may be people geographically closer under a different heading, so please consider adjacent areas too, or search alphabetically.

Key to logos you will find alongside therapists’ names (aka our badges of honour!)

Qualified practitioners are those who have passed their:

Techniques exam, completed our Advanced 1 course, are members of the Cranio Sacral Society and thus abide by this Code of Ethics.

Diplomate exam which is a further qualification in the SomatoEmotional Release work, as well as a large, more general commitment to the work over a long period of time.

Upledger Affiliated Clinics: This is our newest recognition of those practitioners who are deeply committed to the essence and principles of this work, and also give back to others in different ways. They are practitioners who are Techniques and Diplomate qualified (or the latter very nearly), often Study Group leaders, able to mentor students, provide a clinic space for multi-hands work and have fellow practitioners they can call in to work alongside them; they may be able to offer longer or shorter Intensive Programmes of treatment when required, and are recommended for follow-up after comprehensive therapy programmes.

There are some practitioners listed here who have not completed all of the steps to becoming qualified but who have been around a long time, continue to train and be a part of the work, are working on their exams and who we would go and see ourselves. They either have their Techniques qualification but have not yet done the Advanced class or have done the Advanced class and are working on their exam!

However, please note our disclaimer:

Please be aware that we are the training body for this work but we are not responsible in any way for the conduct of these therapists or results that may or may not occur when working with you, especially if they also work under other therapeutic licences. We are recommending them in good faith and without prejudice.

Are you a practitioner who would like to be listed on these pages? Talk to us about the steps you need to take to get qualified or find out more here