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CranioSacral Therapy


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By Dr John Upledger & J D Vredevoogd

The first text Dr John Upledger authored.

Required reading for CST1 & 2.

‘Craniosacral Therapy’ is the most practical, comprehensive textbook in this rapidly growing field of therapy involving the cranial bones, meningeal membranes, cerebrospinal fluids, and whole-body connective tissues.

Craniosacral Therapy defines the physiology and anatomy of the craniosacral system, its function in health, and relationship to disease processes. It provides practical instruction in developing and extending palpatory skills which will greatly benefit all forms of manipulation, as well as basic physical diagnosis.

Two hundred drawings and photographs illustrate the mechanisms underlying the craniosacral system, and vividly demonstrate how to perform craniosacral techniques in the clinic.



“Dr. Upledger has the ability to provide simple, concise, clinically sound reasoning for many previously unexplained craniosacral findings. There are numerous, well-defined diagrams and illustrations by Mr. Vredevoogd, M.F.A.”
– Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

“A splendidly published textbook on craniosacral theory and practice.”
– The DO



  • Craniosacral Concept
  • Craniosacral Motion
  • Modification of Craniosacral Rhythm
  • Release of the Craniosacral Membrane System
  • Dysfunctions of the Cranial Base
  • Spinal Dura Mater and Sacrococcygeal Complex
  • Osseus and Sutural Dysfunctions of the Cranial Vault
  • Occipital Condyles
  • Mouth, Face and Temporomandibular Joint
  • Extrinsic Neuromusculoskeletal System Dysfunctions
  • Diagnosis by Evaluation of Craniosacral System Function and Whole Body Response
  • Specific Clinical Cautions and Applications  


This is not the easiest book to read for those new to the field but it is a gift that will keep on giving – every time you pick it up over many years you will find something new to ponder (that you probably don’t recall having read before!)… Fascinating.



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