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The Brain Speaks 2


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TBS2 builds upon the skills of TBS1. Whereas TBS1 is a brain overview course, TBS2 utilises the skills introduced and developed in TBS1 and uses them to explore and work with specific dysfunctions and patterns encountered frequently in clinical practice.


  • Learn to work more effectively with Traumatic Brain Injuries and concussive injuries.
  • Learn more specific techniques for treating seizure disorders.
  • Utilise information from the latest research, understand the autistic brain, and how to work with it.
  • Learn about cutting edge research and information regarding emotional trauma, PTSD and persistent stress and how they affect the anatomy and physiology of the brain, as well as how to address these problems with CST.
  • Learn about the conditions for healthy brain development in early childhood and what happens when these conditions are not met; as well as how to address these deficits using CST and Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue.
  • Learn about the Polyvagal aspect of the autonomic nervous system and how this newly discovered autonomic function and help heal the brain from stress and trauma.
  • Learn to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia with greater success.


The Brain Speaks 1


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