Quiz: Am I ready for CST2?

It is not uncommon that a lovely post CST1 student will get in touch to find out if we think they are ready for CST2. While we give you guidelines at the class (75-100 10-step protocols, familiarity with all the material presented in CST1, plus the CST2 pre-reading (rest of the brown book) ), here is another fun and slightly tongue-in-cheek way to find out.

There are 10 questions – simply count how many times you answer YES, then, also, when the answer is a number, add all those together too! This will give you a total number of yesses, and a total number too.

Keep reading for the lowdown on those numbers! 



1. Did you enjoy CST1?

2. Have you practised the 10-step protocol?

How many times?

3. Have you (just about) got your head round the different parts of the craniosacral system?

How many can you name?

4. Have you felt sphenoids seem to want to go in strange directions?

How many times (roughly)?

5. Have you experienced the sense of your hands being drawn ‘off-piste’ from the given hand positions?

6. Do you ever feel that the rhythm just isn’t there?

(Do you feel it’s you or them? You don’t need to count this answer!)

7. Are you curious what the effects of the facial bones can be on the craniosacral system?

How curious (out of 10)?

8. Would you like to know nifty ways to let a client’s body show you where it wants you to start?

9. Have you had your own experiences on the table with a (qualified/more experienced) CST practitioner?

How many times?

10.  Would you be excited to move beyond the 10-step protocol?



If you answered ‘YES’ :

0 to 3 times: CST may not, in fact, be for you. But then you have probably already worked this out (and probably not actually made it to here!).

3 – 6 times: You may have enjoyed CST1 but not found enough time to practise? Or perhaps need to find a bit more confidence to play with the approach and trust your hands a bit more? Suggestion: try a study group to reinspire you and remind you of the steps.

7 – 8 times: Sounds like you are getting into the CST groove but could still use a bit of practice or an experience or two for yourself on the table to help you really feel the depth. Keep practising!

9 – 10 times: I bet you are already signed up, or, if not yet, soon will be. We look forward to sharing CST2 with you!

Numerical answers: if your score added up to:

0 – 25

Maybe you’ve only just done CST1…. or maybe you need a bit of inspiration – find a study group or even call us in the office. Or if that’s not it, maybe CST isn’t for you. Feel free to let us know what didn’t do it for you – could we have done anything different?

25 – 49

Just not had time? Try and set up a trade with a CST colleague to give and receive. Are you close to a study group or experienced practitioner? Have a chat and see if they can help inspire. Or maybe you have incorporated some of the steps but not all at once. Challenge: try out the ones you have been avoiding (if there are any!)

50 – 74

Grab the study guide to review and entice a few more friends to your table to practice on – check out which class you could make and the ‘what you will learn in it’ list to see if they tickle your fancy.

75 – 100

Check out which class you could make and see if you can push your number over 100 one way or another before it happens!

100 or more

You are well ready (and probably already booked!)



Thoughts? Does that help? Any questions, of course, get in touch – we hope to hear from you soon – one way or another!

Note: this is a tongue-in-cheek play on a magazine type quiz and not intended to be taken too seriously – especially if the comments do not reflect your reality!