What is a session like?


How we work and what a treatment will be like to receive

Treatments are done on a clothed body, with the receiver usually lying on their back on a treatment couch. If this is not comfortable, we may have an adaptable couch, treat people on their side or even sitting, if need be. We may start at the feet or the head with our different evaluative techniques, and this will help us figure out where your body needs us to start.

​When we learn to work with these techniques, there is usually a natural focus around the head and vertebral column, but treatments are by no means restricted to these areas. Factors that compromise posture and function can be present throughout the whole body and, by using the craniosacral rhythm and accessing the craniosacral system, because it acts on the deepest structures and organs of the nervous system, CST techniques influence movement and coordination, pain pathways, the digestive system, the respiratory system, heart function, the endocrine system… potentially the majority of the body systems.

Receiving CranioSacral Therapy tends to be very relaxing and positively pleasurable (as is giving treatments!). Ignored or hidden problems are resolved as often as those for which help was initially sought.

Treatments usually last 45 mins to an hour, although there are occasions when you may organise longer sessions with your therapist. (See also multihands and intensive treatments.) Appointments for babies and small children are usually shorter, typically 20 – 30 minutes.



How will I feel afterwards

Can you describe how you feel after a hug?

A great evening with friends? Or a hot bath after a stressful day? It depends on a few variables and is hard to put into words…! Typically, you will feel relaxed both during and after a session, though some sessions may feel very different from others and all bodies are different. Afterwards, you may feel very energised and raring to go, or you may feel tired and want to rest. It is entirely dependent on your own body and the way it responds to what it changed. It is ideal if you can arrange your day to allow for any of these responses!




What Can You Expect from Our Practitioners?

From a 10-Step protocol to unique ways of following the whole body 

Practitioners who have trained with us at different levels will use different elements of the total offering that is a CranioSacral Therapy treatment. At CST1 and 2 levels, our practitioners are able to complete a 10-step protocol and some specific mouthwork techniques that listen and follow the body and the tissues. Further classes enable practitioners to gain confidence in locating the source of problems, and symptoms and areas that may be holding issues, and in initiating a dialogue with you, your tissues and any emotional issues that may be held within and compromising function. At an advanced level, we may have studied additional areas of physiology or anatomy, but the principles of treatment – listening to and following the body, and understanding that it knows exactly what it needs to do – remains the core ethic and approach of our treatments.

Many practitioners also integrate the techniques we use with what they do in their own core therapy, if that is not CST – always ask your practitioner about their work – we are really happy to share and tell you about the approach.

So who would be an appropriate receiver of this type of therapy? Who might benefit?