The Journey from... Osteopathy to CST

Jonathan Gore DO, CST MCSS, Osteopath and CranioSacral Therapist
(but we call him Joe!) 

Interviewed by Susie Carrdus

Joe GoreI trained at the British School of Osteopathy starting in 1982 – a 4-year course. It was hard work. I got quite good at techniques, but I did my real learning after I left. Would I have been better suited to a more holistic approach? There’s been a lot of change since then in how Osteopathy courses are presented.

To start with, I worked as an associate at a practice in Suffolk, but decided to move back to London – I was missing the life there. CranioSacral Therapy first came my way around ’93. I read Dr Upledger’s brown book, heard that the Upledger Institute was opening a UK branch. At around this time, I went off to New Zealand to do locum work, where I found myself increasingly interested in what cranial work could achieve. As a result, I took the first CranioSacral course (CST1) in Vancouver, went back to work in Sussex where I started to integrate it, doing some 10-step work – but I wasn’t fully on board and Osteopathy was still my main modality. Two years later I felt the need to go further with it, took CST2 in the States, and cemented it properly into my working practice. I completed the Core and Advanced Curriculums, together with the Immune Class, TIDI, and Conception/Pregnancy – doing the training in a mix of places, some in the UK and some in America.

I ran the two disciplines (Osteopathy and CST) in harness for some time, and Osteopathy is an excellent therapy – but I found that CST was altering my techniques. When you first do it and are used to prescriptive techniques, it’s hard to go with ‘Treat what you find’; but a lot of my patients opted for CST, particularly wanting the Somato-Emotional Release side of it. So I had to unlearn the osteopathic ‘fix-it’ attitude and let things happen, give the body time, develop a light touch. Bodies are quite remarkable self-correcting mechanisms.

If you asked me to summarise: CST has added to my own personal development in a way I wouldn’t have believed would or could happen. I’ve had the privilege of watching patients grow and change. They do the work, and their improvement gives me enormous job satisfaction.

And it’s not only the patients. With my friend and colleague Caro O’Neill we run a Study Group for Devon and Cornwall, one day every three months. We have a growing membership in the West Country of those who use the CST Core Curriculum – a mix of elementary and advanced practitioners – and the spirit of the work is amazing. It’s been great to embed the Continuous Professional Development aspect into these study groups. Now I’m not only practising as a CSTherapist but also instructing it, which is a big shift: I’ve had to sharpen my ideas and techniques to be able to explain what I’m doing. The Upledger Institute UK and International is one big happy family. That’s the way it is for me.

Visit Joe Gore’s website at the Redruth Osteopathic Clinic.


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Susie Carrdus is a ex Headmistress who, in her retirement came across CST and found herself so fascinated by it that she is now studying it! She is living proof that it is never too late! (She was also the person in the Why we Love Upledger in 60 secs video who wished she'd found it 30 years ago.... But then just think what all those kiddies would have missed!)