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Add CranioSacral Therapy to your practice

The Core Pack:

Everything you need to get you competent, qualified and rocking it


What you get: 

  • A spot in each of our Core Curriculum classes CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1
  • Techniques Exam Process
  • Goody Bag:
    • Books: Your Inner Physician and You; CranioSacral Therapy (brown book) CSTII Beyond the Dura (blue book) SER and Beyond (green book)
    • Craniosacral System Poster
    • Still Point Inducer (we’ll explain in CST!!)
    • Mini 10-Step Protocol poster (A4 size)
    • 50 Personalised Leaflets (usually after CST2)

But being on the CORE PACK also gives you all these BONUSES:

  • 5 online zoom study groups – one a month after each class (recordings will be available)
  • 4 x anatomy masterclasses (on the TMJ, sphenoid, craniosacral system, one other)
  • 3 x Exam Preparation classes (pre-recorded)
  • Opportunity to resit CST1 and 2 at the exam fee price of £235 and £279 (instead of £348 & £398) (resitting is a great way to consolidate your learning and understanding)
  • You will be welcome to attend the zoom sessions a month after any class if you are on the Core Pack. If you are not they will cost £30 each. (You could save roughly up to 20 x 30 £00 if you came to them all!)
  • There will be a few other extra surprises thrown in as we go along too….!


All of the above is valued in excess of £6500. You will get added support AND be able to cover the costs in small regular amounts AND save money by being on the Core Pack! 


Wow, so how much?  

The cost of the core pack is £4997. 

You can make one payment of £4667 and save £330 off this.

Or pay a £300 non-refundable deposit with a regular standing order (£150 – £250 per month, depending on how fast you are moving through classes – note that each class must be fully paid for before it is taken).



What a gift you’ll be giving yourself. What a space you’ll be able to hold for clients.

Are you in?

So, thats our core training.

How long will it all take? It’s up to you.

Working your way through the classes will typically take 2-3 years, though it can be quicker if you have lots of time for practice.

We can work with you to set up the programme and nail it down if you like. Some people like to know when they will finish, others find that life’s curve balls mean they really appreciate the flexibility of our programme. You can have it whichever way you like!

Before its all done you will also take the exam. (You may not want to worry about that too much at this stage but if you would like to find out how it works then see link in the purple box.) 

Will we support you through the process?



Read on….

Let me remind you what you will get from working with us:

  • Training in a therapy that will bring profound change to your clients
  • Skills that will continue to grow and evolve
  • Lots of opportunity for you to do your own work which contributes to that evolution…
  • A light touch modality that will be easy on your hands and body as that clock ticks forwards…
  • Ways to work with the body-mind-spirit – as Dr John said ‘tell me, where exactly does the mind end and the body begin…’


I could go on…

Have you had a session or three with an experienced therapist?

If possible, go and experience it for yourself if you haven’t yet. Then decide. 

Or if you know you’re in:



And when you have finished and got qualified there is Still More!

Lots more.

More support available in a variety of different ways.


  • Study groups in various locations (and online) all over the country (see our study groups page HERE) 
  • Mentorship programmes (1:1 or NEW! year long groups)
  • Additional classes available after certain core curriculum classes are completed – even more specialised CST courses develop work with the brain, immune system, paediatrics and more. 
  • Clinical application classes – a small group setting to review material from classes, (CST/SER/ADV), work on clients applying it in clinical sessions with the instructor, and receive treatments yourself
  • Review days and various other offerings at different times
  • Opportunities to come and assist at classes  
  • Online classes to refresh and improve you anatomy & physiology with College of Body Science

Warning. It may become compelling. It may have a big affect on your life, in your life. Clients will be appreciative, you will keep learning, your work will keep evolving. And it’s all fun. Really fun.



Ooh and one more thing…. Remember I mentioned the Cranio Sacral Society earlier as the accreditor for our courses and process?

You can find out all about why we have this membership organisation as well as what ongoing membership gives you HERE: Cranio Sacral Society