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CST- CranioSacral Transformation: A Testimonial from a patient of Sheila Hoy

About four years ago I heard about CranioSacral treatment and was recommended to a specialist who worked with me intitially every week. Through these treatments my mobility has gradually improved such that I now only see her every five to six weeks and only then if I've been overdoing it with gardening, computer screen work, cycling, ski-ing or whatever.

As a result my lifestyle is now only minimally impaired and I can categorically say that her gentle but rigorous treatment works – given time, belief and a bit of regular complementary exercise to strengthen one's core muscles – in my case Pilates.

Given my own positive experience 'my' specialist, along with other colleagues, has also worked on my son Tom with quite exceptional results over the last three years and as with myself the frequency of treatment has now dropped off to every five to six weeks. Their treatment has triggered a sea change in his mobility such that now he can use his right arm and hand. Poor circulation in his right leg has improved dramatically as has his balance so he can now walk up to 100 m with relatively little support. His general physical and mental well being, confidence and speech have also improved greatly and continue to do so.

In short CranioSacral treatment has transformed both my and my son Tom's lives and I can wholeheartedly recommend it provided that the specialists are properly trained and accredited.

Sincerely Philip Wragg, Warwickshire, April 2011.