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Joy-ning the Royal Society of Medicine

I have just had the pleasure of being accepted as a Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine. The joy of this is that it will give me an access into many journals to assist our exploration of the possibilities of research, of following others who are doing the same and of trawling through the current biomedical science and medicine findings that relate to the work that we do the structures we work with and understanding this work from that perspective. I love finding out about the detailed anatomy, physiology or patholgies of the structures and funtions we love to work with in the CST and related modalities. So far the tennets inherited from Still, Sutherland and Dr John have stood the test of improviing ways to research… So watch this space for anything interesting I find  as I will do my best to keeping this part of the site as up to date as I an keep myself. Worth a go anyway.