Here are some of the articles that have been published over the years by Dr John, other teachers or ourselves, as well as some we have previously included in our newsletter – hopefully they are easier to find from here.

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Articles about CST / SER, treatments or training

Articles about CST / SER, treatments or training

What is SER by John Page

Geriatric Applications of CST: Established allied health professionals’ use of a complementary modality
by Edith G. Walsh, PhD, RN  The International Journal of Healing and Caring January 2007

Heads-Up on CST by John Page  Page 1    Page 2     Page 3     International Therapist Magazine  Issue 91 January 2010

‘Headaches Honcho’ Using CST for migraine and headache  by Lisa Upledger

Dialogue, Imagery, CST & Synchronicity by Stan Gerome 2007

Who Lives Behind the Mask? by Stan Gerome 2008

On doing the Techniques Exam… by Alison Williamson

Articles by Dr John

Articles by Dr John

Autism: Observations, Experiences & Concepts  J E Upledger  April 2000

CranioSacral Therapy and Scientific Research, Parts I & II  By John Upledger, DO, OMM

Practical Pitfalls of Research  By John Upledger, DO, OMM Massage Today  March, 2003, Vol. 03, Issue 03

Research and Observations Support the Existance of a CranioSacral System  J E Upledger  1995

Cellular Conversations by John Upledger DO, Massage Today Sept 2005 (5) 9

Articles on Anatomy

The Maxillae

The Sphenoid Part 1     Part 2