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CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response

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The goal for this class is to teach you how to better help the immune system perform its magic. To accomplish that, you’ll learn how to communicate with different cell types to find out how you can help them improve their performance — especially when invading microorganisms gain a foothold.

You’ll study and “communicate” with the many glands and organs involved in the immune system: the liver, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and others. And you’ll explore the production of the various molecules of communication, including cytotoxins and other molecules of protein, such as gamma globulins.


What you will learn from coming on this course:

  • Learn how to communicate with different cell types to help improve their performance
  • Study the various glands and organs involved in the immune system
  • Explore the production of various molecules of communication


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Cell Talk

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3 reviews for CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response

  1. Charlotte C

    The immune course has really changed my work. I’ve had some really interesting experiences working with the manufacture of compliment proteins and the liver, had experience of an ‘absence’ after a growth in the thyroid was removed – leaving a ‘hole’. Also I found the way this course teaches you to focus and hone in on areas makes a huge difference – just amazing!! This course has REALLY turned my head!

  2. Sue P

    The Immune course has totally changed my work and my job has a facilitator for change in the body has moved to a different level. The clients have been amazed at the quickness of the releases they have been achieving and I have been amazed at the speed of the responsiveness. Thanks once again to Hank for an outstanding workshop.

  3. J. Metoyer

    During class, the instructor asked a student to be a demo patient. During the evaluation, it had become apparent, that a few months prior to class, the student had been bitten in her right foot by a venomous spider. Since that incident, she had suffered from numerous symptoms. The instructor felt that a multiple hands approach was indicated for this session and I was one of the fortunate ones to be called forward and be asked to assist. As the instructor was dialoguing and working with the immune system in the abdomen, I was supporting the patient’s right leg, the foot of which had been bitten. This was to facilitate the unwinding that was happening. By the end of the session, the fascia in her right leg had released to the point that the right leg was temporarily longer than the left! Furthermore, the immune system was awakened to the fact that there was still some spider venom left in the body that had to be processed and expelled and it accelerated its activity appropriately. The immune system then also decreased the body’s high level of inflammation. Being taught to go beneath the surface and communicate with the immune system was by far the most challenging, yet rewarding experience of all the CranioSacral classes I have taken thus far. And in Upledger classes, there is always room for humour. As Dr. John often said: “Leave ‘em laughin”!

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