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The Inner Physician and my Ego : a comment on my development as a therapist by Melanie Joseph


The Inner Physician and my Ego (therapist development)

By Melanie Joseph

I am currently working in end of life care at a hospice in east London and it is the most rewarding experience and also a great place to work through the therapist “ego”. When I got there I started with the ideas mentioned in “the inner physician and You” were I was going to have all these wonderful conversations with cancers and tumours and internal wisdoms of the body etc…

What I got, was a great introduction to the strength of choice and the absolute respect of real acceptance of others choices and the art of not pushing my own agenda. I have met those who have decided to fight there illnesses and they get better but more so I have met people who chose to opt out of life and were just wanting to be allowed to do that.

Fear seems to be at the root of most of these scanarios and each experience is beautiful and unique. I have learned to be the observer suggesting  only when I am asked for my help and sit back and watch the person work through their own self and their own fears in their own way. I have truly been blessed to be able to be part of this kind of healing and even though the client do not “walk out” in “perfect health” they leave feeling perfect.

Melanie Joseph, SER2 & techniques applicant!


From Caroline: Thanks Melanie, its great to know people are taking the work out there.  We love to hear about it.