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A Special Invitation

It’s hard not to be affected by what’s happening in the world. With violence and political instability on the news daily, it’s a constant reminder of a world in pain, and the need for healing. Now more than ever, we need connection and collaboration to be at the heart of how we heal ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.

As we hold a space for our clients in CST, we are aware of that moment when the rhythm goes off. Something profound and powerful begins to change. It changes not because we’re trying to fix or to save or to control…but because something unique is happening. A space is being held with an intention that the client’s Inner Wisdom do whatever it needs to, for the total good of that person.

When you’ve experienced ‘multiple-hands’ work, you discover how even more is possible as we take our listening hands and CST skills into the realm of teamwork and shared intention. We are truly more than the sum of our parts, as the group space allows for tremendous shifts in process that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It’s a feeling of privilege and transformation on another scale.

Join us in September…  

We invite you to multiply that feeling by the hundreds, and you’ll have a sense of what the Upledger UK Rhythm & Resonance Symposium will be like. We will be joined by teachers, practitioners and students from all over Europe, the USA and beyond, for a weekend of presentations, workshops and explorations of the heart of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy. Our work is quiet, but the power of holding this space together is world-changing. 

Ready to find out what can happen when we come together with intention, open hearts and the power of a light touch?  

Welcome to a quiet revolution in healthcare.