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Nick McIvor: On the Foundation in Body Science

Background: What were you doing before the course?

For the last 14 years, I have been running multidisciplinary osteopathy clinics ( ), but before that I was a bouncer!

My brother is an osteopath and my sister a palliative care consultant, and although historically, I had never had a specific interest in therapy myself, I have always been very much a ‘people person’ and minded about people.

After my brother finished his osteopathy training, he asked me to set up a clinic with him and shortly after, we added another.  I managed the clinics and he provided the therapy. So, I have come at CST from the other end to most people. 

I have also been lucky enough to work alongside Fiona Gilbraith and John Page, who are at the forefront of CranioSacral therapy in the UK, so CST was right there in my awareness.

I had everything but the training. 

What brought you to CST – Did you have a lightbulb moment?

No – there really was no ‘lightbulb’ moment, it was much more of an obvious step forward.  Because I knew about CST, which made complete logical sense to me and could see how effective this gentle non-invasive therapy is. When I decided to train in ‘a therapy’, it was immediately obvious which one I would choose.

I've also had a lot of treatment too and have always responded very well to it.

What was the best bit (most useful/most important) for you?

The Foundation in Body Science Training is arranged in monthly, three-day courses, which gives good time in between for absorption, reflection and revision, but with the monthly contact providing focus, accountability and motivation throughout.

I found Caroline’s teaching style extremely valuable.  Specifically, the way in which she weaves together the information over the course; for instance, how the systems interact together – she covers each section, but by referring back to previous, relevant learning, and keeping it all pertinent to CST, my knowledge of anatomy and physiology really developed and embedded throughout the course.

How did it change your life/career/future?

My learning has of course meant I have been busier and life is more complicated, but also way more interesting!  I haven’t yet completed my training but will do within the next year or two.

I am 42 and have managed clinics for the last 10-15 years, but now I have new avenues to pursue.  And not only on a professional basis.  I feel passionate about what I can give to the world and the people I meet too.

What are you doing/studying now?

Last week, I took the College of Body Science course, ‘Inside the Cranium’ (which I thoroughly recommend by the way). 

When I heard about the course, during CST1, I just knew I had to do it – I need as much knowledge as possible!  I have really surprised myself and am excited about my future and the future of CST in the UK.