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The Core Pack


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So what is the Core Pack?

It’s simply the BEST (best price – most thorough – most supported) way through our training!

(If you’re already a qualified and insured therapist – if not and you want to become on the Training from Scratch programme is the BEST for you!)

It’s the classes and resources that you will need to become a CranioSacral Therapist, served up with some really juicy extras that will exponentionally support you along the way!

It includes the core CranioSacral Therapy training, made up of four 4-day modules and one of 5-days held on retreat. 

It’s the books you’ll need, zoom sessions one month after each class, the first level exam we call the Techniques Certification and some other super-helpful resources to uplift and support your training (you’ll see the full list below…).

These 5 classes and successful completion of this exam is what you need to become qualified in the UK.

The Core Pack will include:

    • Core Curriculum classes CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1
    • Techniques Exam Process
    • Goody Bag:
      • Books: Your Inner Physician and You; CranioSacral Therapy (brown book) CSTII Beyond the Dura (blue book) SER and Beyond (green book)
      • Craniosacral System Poster
      • Still Point Inducer (we’ll explain in CST!!)
      • Mini 10-Step Protocol poster (A4 size)
      • 50 Personalised Leaflets (usually after CST2)

AND it will also give you:

    • 5 online zoom catch up calls – scheduled a month after each class (recordings also available)
      PLUS you will be welcome to attend these after any class (that you’ve done).
      (If you are not on the Core Pack they will cost £30 each. So you save roughly up to 20 x 30 = £600 if you came to them all!)
    • 4 x anatomy masterclasses (on the TMJ, sphenoid, craniosacral system, one other)
    • 3 x exam preparation classes (pre-recorded)
    • 2 x ‘Deep Dive’ sessions over the course of the training (on the types of topics we don’t get time to delve into in classes)
    • Opportunity to resit CST1 and 2 at the exam fee price of £235 and £279 (instead of £348 & £398) (resitting is a great way to consolidate your learning and understanding).
    • There will be a few other extra surprises thrown in as we go along too….!

Set up regular affordable payments

The cost of the plan is £4997. There are a number of payment options, with instalments payable by standing order.

Choose from:

1. Paying in full, in which case you get the additional bonus of being able to retake a CST1 or CST2 for free!


2. Paying £300 non-refundable deposit, then £100 to £200 per month for the remainder.

However, we will ask that each class is paid for by the time you take it.
eg if it is imminent, you can pay £696 for the CST1 course, which will be taken off the invoice, then pay the deposti £300 deposit and monthly instalments.
If you are ready for the next class before its full payment has been made, you can just top it up in time.

What if…

… I sign up but later change my mind?  You will be liable for the £300 deposit and the usual cost of the courses you have already taken. If you have paid any extra, you will be refunded, less a £50 admin fee; if you would still need to pay some to cover a course this will still be due.

… I have just done CST1? We are making this offer available for a short time to those who have recently done CST1, by simply reducing the cost of the Plan by £696.

… I reserve a spot on a course and then have to transfer to a different course? Up until a month before that is no problem, assuming there are spaces (though we appreciate as much warning as you can give). The usual transfer fees will apply after that or if there are more changes.

... I already have some of those products that are part of the free starter pack? There are a couple of optional products if this is the case. Please ask.

… I don’t get all the courses done that soon – is there a time limit? No, there is no time limit (as long as you keep in touch with us and we know you are still working your way towards your next course. If we don’t hear anything from you for 3 years or more, we will assume you have given up and any overpayments will not be refundable after that time.).
We guarantee no additional fees due for three years (if you have not completed all courses by then and course costs go up you will need to pay the difference).

…The exam takes me ages to get to? There is also currently no time limit on getting the Techniques exam done – you can start it any time after CST2, though people usually wait until after the SER classes. (This would only change if a directive comes from ‘the Mother Ship’, Upledger Institute International!).

…I want to get fully qualified? You will also need to become a member of the Cranio Sacral Society, and retain membership for the duration you wish to be considered qualified.


Isn’t it a no-brainer? We think so, if you want to add this gentle and effective therapy to your practice!


By purchasing this course you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions, above and on this link.

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Payment Options

£4997 payment in full by bacs, Pay £300 deposit, Full payment by credit card or paypal (+3%)


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