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SER Mastering the Inner Physician (this course is now fully booked, pls get in touch to go on the waiting list)

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This course is currently full booked – please get in touch to go on the waiting list.

Developed by Stan Gerome, LMT, this workshop offers a dynamic adjunct to the work of CranioSacral Therapy (CST), geared towards deepening the understanding of what goes on at different levels of the psyche. Helping you access the client’s Inner Physician by using the cranial rhythm, the soft touch of CST and interweaving concepts of Jung, Perls and Assagioli, we are guided by imagery as it is presented by the client rather than as the guide to imagery. It invites a personal investigation of the rhythms – of the coming and going – of different internal psychic forces that express themselves non-consciously in our daily lives. Getting to know this inner cast of characters and learning to work with them moves us toward being a more integrated therapist, the best tool we can bring to the table.

We will look at the active and silent aspects of imagery and dialogue – the ‘verbal still-points’. Our own understanding and integration will bring us automatically to a better understanding of what is happening between our hands during a CranioSacral session. 


What you will learn from coming on this course:

  •  Explore techniques to bring your nonconscious into a more material existence
  •  Practice drawing your nonconscious images and dialoguing with them face to face
  •  Learn how to use sounding vowels and other internal vibrations, along with a 10-step protocol designed to enhance imagery and dialogue
  •  Discuss in greater detail Dr Upledger’s ideas on imagery and dialogue and the psychosynthesis map
  •  Practice using the significance detector

Here is an excerpt from Stan’s presentation at our 2012 Rhythm & Resonance Symposium. He covers some of the key points to our approach to ‘conversation’…



Successful completion of SomatoEmotional Release® 1

Required advance reading

None – however, Stan says you would be wise to read Dr Robert Johnson’s, “Owning Your Own Shadow”.

Additional information


£610 + VAT, Balance payment after deposit paid, Deposit – balance due 1 month prior to course start date, Retake £305 + VAT

Location & Date

Brighton, 17 – 20 April 2024


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