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What exactly IS a Symposium?

Once every 4 years, we come together to celebrate everything that makes Upledger CranioSacral Therapy so special. We call it a Symposium, and it’s an event that brings together inspirational speakers, demonstrations & practical workshops, the latest research, and a chance to connect with what’s happening in our global community of Upledger therapists. After three days packed full of learning, practice and shared wisdom, we promise you’ll leave with a renewed sense of wonder at the remarkable work we do…

So, what exactly IS a Symposium?

If you take a look at the dictionary, you’ll find it’s either a “conference with multiple contributors and presentations” (sounds a bit dry) OR it’s an Ancient Greek party of convivial discussion, entertainment and revelry after a banquet (not so dry!). In our case, it’s perhaps somewhere in between (minus the banquet)… That said, the Ancient Greeks had a lot of great ideas – here are a some of the ones we’ll be borrowing from them!


Beautiful Surroundings
We may out-do the Ancient Greeks with this one! If you haven’t yet been to the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms, you’re in for a treat. Right in the heart of central London, this venue certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. A special spot for a special occasion.


Intellectual Discussion
You’ll see from our full programme that we have a fantastic line-up of speakers from the UK, Europe and the USA joining us. But of course, it’s not just about discussion. In Upledger terms the word ‘Symposium’ has become synonymous with an event that includes watching an experienced practitioner treat clients. This tradition began with Dr John Upledger himself and now we are calling on the older experienced hands to share the tradition and keep it going!


Song, Dance & Entertainments
Our kind of Symposium wouldn’t be complete without the chance to relax and socialise after a day of activity and inspiration. We can’t guarantee acrobats, jugglers or participants bedecked in garlands BUT our Saturday night drinks reception is always great fun, and who knows, there may be some dancing as well!


Convivial Meetings
A chance to spend time with classmates, colleagues and teachers, and to build new friendships is a key aspect of the Symposium. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with each other socially over the course of the weekend. We’re proud of the network of support that’s at the heart of the Upledger community and we want you to have every chance to take part in it. If you sign up for the Monday practical workshops, you’ll be participating in multiple-hands treatments in small groups, led by some of our speakers – these are very popular!


Celebration of a Special Occasion
Coming together as a global Upledger family is reason enough for celebration! But with recent developments in research, and the global reach of CST, there really is so much to discover, celebrate and build upon. Come and hear John Matthew Upledger sharing with us what’s happened in the last 4 years since our 2012 Symposium, and what’s coming up in the next 4 years and beyond!


Who is the Symposium for?

We’ve designed this event for YOU! If you’ve never attended a Symposium before, or you’re in the early stages of your training with us, then we’d like to extend a special invitation to you. Perhaps you’ve recently completed CST1 or CST2, and you’re not sure if you’re ‘ready’ for a Symposium? This event is welcoming, supportive and a unique way to explore the possibilities, applications and scope of CST. 

If you’ve joined us at previous events, then you already know what a treat it is to have so many of your Upledger colleagues, friends and teachers together, in a beautiful location, with speakers from around the world, for an ENTIRE weekend! We can’t wait to see you again this year…

Ready to join us? The full programme is available here.

The Upledger Institute UK Rhythm & Resonance Symposium takes place on 24-26 September 2016. Join us!