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Clinical Applications Classes

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We are thrilled to announce the running of Clinical Applications Classes in the UK. 

Clinical Applications for CST - pre-req CST1 & 2

20 - 24 Sept '17  2017 Perth             Taught by Fiona Gilbraith CST-D MCSS at her Clinic in Perth. Contact  fionagilbraith@gmail.com
TBC                                                   (tailored for Training from Scratch folk)  Taught by Caroline Barrow CST-D MCSS. Contact mail@upledger.co.uk
26 - 30 October 2017 Brighton          Taught by Maggie Gill CST-D MCSS at her clinic in Brighton. Contact  mgcranio@yahoo.co.uk

Clinical Applications for SER - pre-req SER1

2 - 6 August 2018  Brighton             Taught by Maggie Gill CST-D MCSS at her clinic in Brighton. Contact  mgcranio@yahoo.co.uk
1 - 5 November 2017  Perth             Taught by Fiona Gilbraith CST-D MCSS at her Clinic in Perth. Contact  fionagilbraith@gmail.com

Clinical Applications for Advanced CST - pre-req ADV1 

10 - 14 May  2018  Brighton            Taught by Maggie Gill CST-D MCSS at her clinic in Brighton. Contact  mgcranio@yahoo.co.uk
TBC.                                                Taught by Fiona Gilbraith CST-D MCSS 
at her Clinic in Perth. Contact  fionagilbraith@gmail.com

Clinical Applications for Paediatrics, pre-req PAEDS1 or the older CST for Paeds

TBC taught by Nikki Campbell in Marlow. Contact nikki.cranio@gmail.com


They are all 5 days. 

They are all limited to 4-6 people. 

They will all move you practice forwards immensely. 

They typically run from 9 or 10 - 5pm. Day 1 tends to be a review of the work, days 2 - 5 involve multiple-hands treatments with clients in the mornings, where the instructor will be the lead therapist, and with participants in the afternoon, where other participants will take on that role. This is the typical format - there may of course be some variations to serve an individual group.  

The courses are an immersion in the work and participants' experience range from  the level of the pre-requisites to Advanced 2 and CSP2. The small group and intense focus creates an extraordinary learning environment. Close support at all times from an experienced Instructor means that students can gain insights from the opportunities to question and also experience the effects of the work from all points of view. 

Interested? Register your interest now through the website or by getting in touch with Maggie, Fiona, Caroline or Nikki. We will likely assign places pretty much on a first come first served basis. Please note you cannot pay through the website but will pay the instructors direct. 

The Paediatric Clinical Applications class will explore the characteristics and qualities needed in a therapist to support children and their families in this work. The class will also let you explore any baby or child issues you may have, fine tune your palpatory skills around the active and mobile nature of many paediatric patients (!) and review the SER process as applicable to children, including non-verbal dialoguing.

Obviously 5 places isn't so many. But if you out there express enough interest we will run more. And why wouldn't you? They will provide an extraordinary opportunuty, often requested, for some personal feedback, personal growth and the chance to take a huge leap forward in all aspects of your practice. They can also be invaluable in preparing you for either exam. 

Get in touch asap... 

<see the review button above to get a taste of 'What first attracted Maggie to Clinical Apps classes'!>


An extra piece on the paediatric class from Nikki: 

This five day course gives students who have completed CSP1 or CSP1 and 2 an opportunity to do multiple hands on work on a wide variety of children in a clinical setting under supervision.


This will provide the opportunity for in depth individual feedback on creating therapeutic presence, palpation, engaging the child, whole body diagnosis, anatomy and adaptations of techniques for babies and children, application of techniques in a clinical setting and working as a team in multiple hands on sessions.


On the first day there will be a review of the SER process for Paediatrics including use of imagery and dialoguing.


The examination process for the paediatric curriculum is on its way and will be in place next year.  Full details to be announced at the Beyond the Dura 2015 next April.  The Clinical Applications for Paediatrics will be the practical part of the examination and it is likely that students attending this course will be able to be assessed by Nikki Kenward, Paediatric Examiner, and use it retrospectively.



Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 27 January, 2014 By Maggie Gill

What attracted me to Clinical Applications classes?

Some years ago one of the members of my Study Group reported that he had a brilliant experience of one of these classes in the USA. The last couple of years I have been a regular TA on SER1 classes in the states and fellow TAs were keen to tell me about the benefits they had experienced on the different levels of the Clinical Apps.

I also spoke to Instructors of these classes and found they were their favourites to teach and they observed major increases in skills development in the participants . So – without further ado I signed up on CA-SER and registered my interest in teaching this group of classes in the future.

The CA-SER was a beautiful experience for me to engage in. I found it to be similar in intensity to an Advanced Class, as the space allows all participants to engage in deep process work. Additionally there is the intimacy of a smaller group and the strong support of the Instructor, who is closely involved in all aspects of the 5 days.