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SomatoEmotional Release® 1


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The third class in our core curriculum, SomatoEmotional Release 1 will move your skill set in CST up another notch. You will get more skills to work with clients and support them when emotional pieces arise during their sessions, and you will also expand on the mouth work we started in CST2. 

SER1 offers new ways to enhance the results you get from using CST in your work.

Still not always sure something has fully released? By the end of the course, you will have more practice and new tools to help clients access even deeper aspects of themselves that may be needed in their healing process. Especially when their body is still holding on to energy from trauma or distressing emotional events. Letting go in different ways helps people unlock the deepest causes of pain and illness.

To get to this, you will learn how to gently release the tissues of the mouth and throat, and why this is so important.

You will find out more about the physiological mechanism of disease. We will develop the concept of arcing that we learned in CST2 and get even better at finding and releasing energy cysts. And we will follow the craniosacral rhythm ever more precisely.  This is the ‘magic’ piece that helps us stay on track with a person’s inner wisdom, so that we can trust and be confident all the way through each session!

The other key part of the SER process is the ability to use what Dr Upledger called ‘therapeutic imagery and dialogue’. As you begin to use these ideas to help your client figure out what they are holding and what to do about it, your listening will deepen some more. Then you will notice how your understanding and observation of the way the body ‘communicates’ with us – in verbal and non-verbal ways – improves. This, in turn, will help your clients trust you more deeply and work cooperatively with you in this process to become active in improving their own health.

It really is a game changer.

During our time together you will, of course, also practice on others and be on the table yourself to experience the process and do your own inner work. Both equally important. 



The Formal List of Highlights

What you will learn from coming on this course:

  • An introduction to and a historical review of the development of the concepts of energy cysts and SomatoEmotional Release®
  • How to refine and improve your whole body evaluation palpation skills to locate and release energy cysts
  • How to assess and mobilise what is dubbed the ‘Avenue of Expression’ (i.e. the vocal apparatus), to aid expression and release of suppressed emotion, using techniques that address the thoracic inlet and hard palate learned in CST1 & 2 as well as new ones to treat the hypoglossal tissues (floor of the mouth)
  • An introduction to the idea and use of therapeutic imagery and the principles and practice of dialogue
  • How to integrate imagery and dialogue techniques with the process of SomatoEmotional Release®
  • How to integrate this with the core skills of CranioSacral Therapy and the unique way to ensure a treatment is effective and on track
  • Overall, this course will take your treatments to a new level. For some people, it can be a very new way to work, while others will find it more familiar, but it is the integration of the imagery and dialogue with the special features of the craniosacral system that give SomatoEmotional Release® its edge and make it worth talking about!


CST2 and at least 25 experiences of practicing all of the techniques taught there.

Required advance reading

CranioSacral Therapy 2, Beyond the Dura by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM
SomatoEmotional Release & Beyond by John E. Upledger, DO, OM
Getting To Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury

Additional information

Location & Date

Brighton, 23 – 26 April (Tues-Friday) 2024, Brighton, 4 – 7 December 2024


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