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Core Pack Payment Plan

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Know CST is what you want to do?
Want to make it more easily affordable,
and save some ££ in the process?
Then our Core Pack Payment Plan could be for you....

CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1 + Techniques Certification + FREE CST Starter Pack + 2 free study groups at HQ

For only £4100 with an affordable regular payment plan - saving over £350. We repay your committment.

Here's what we mean...

1. Sign up

This offer is perfect for those interested in signing up for the five Upledger CranioSacral Therapy core curriculum classes: CST1, CST2, SER1SER2 & ADV1
The first four are all four-day courses, scheduled regularly, the Advanced 1 is a five-day residential course (note there will be accommodation costs still to pay).

The Techniques Certification consists of 12 essay questions, a practical exam and a multiple-choice test on the information in CST1 and 2. It can be started any time after CST2 - we will discuss this with you.

NB: In order to qualify as a CranioSacral Therapist you will need to successfully complete the courses and exam above, and to become a member of the Cranio Sacral Society.

2. Set up regular affordable payments

The cost of the plan is £4100. There are a number of payment options, with instalments payable by standing order. Choose from:

1. £300 non-refundable deposit, then £100 to £200 per month for the remaining £3800.
However, we ask that each class is paid for by the time you take it. So, if it is imminent, you can pay £696 for the CST1 course, then the remaining cost with a £104 deposit and £100 per month for 33 months, or £200 per month for 16.5 months. If you are ready for the next class before its full payment has been made, you can just top it up in time. 
2. You can also pay in full, in which case you get the additional bonus of being able to retake a CST1 or CST2 for free! 

Once you have decided when to take your first course, we will liaise with you to plan your training.
We also highly recommend that you attend Study Groups and have treatments yourself during (and beyond!) your training, for which there are additional costs.

3. Reap the rewards 

By signing up to the Core Pack Payment Plan, NOT ONLY will you receive great training, tried & tested for over 30 years, learning what Dr Upledger wanted you to know to become adept and effective with the work he developed... You will also SAVE over £350 off our standard price for the package, be able to pay in instalments, which we hope will make it easier, AND you will receive the six-piece CST Starter Kit FREE!

Plus you will be eligible to resit a CST1 or CST2 class for only £195+VAT instead of the usual £290+VAT - possibly saving another £200 (or if you pay in full, as we said above, you can have one free resit!)


Cost breakdown

Core Curriculum Courses  3 x 580+VAT + 610+VAT + 960+VAT = £3972
Techniques exam £300
Starter Pack £130
2 Study Groups at HQ £60 

Total = £4462

YOU PAY only £4100  saving over £350

The FREE CST Starter Kit includes:

  • The original CranioSacral Therapy Textbook, worth £35
  • Your Inner Physician and You (book) £15- both are pre-reading for CST1
  • A Still Point Inducer, worth £24
  • The beautiful Craniosacral System Poster, a steal even at £24
  • The mini 10-step summary poster, valued at £6.50 and
  • (Usually after CST2) 50 leaflets which can be personalised for you, normal cost £25 + postage 
  • Total value just over £130.00. 

All of these are our gifts to you to get you started after the initial deposit is received.


Also included: peace of mind (priceless!)

There is no risk to you embarking on this programme - we think we have covered all the angles where life can get in the way, but ask if you think of something else.
Here are the 'what if' questions you might have:

What if...
... I sign up but later change my mind?  You will be liable only for the £100 deposit and the usual cost of the courses you have already taken. If you have paid any extra, you will be refunded, less a £50 admin fee; if you would still need to pay some to cover a course this will still be due . 
... I have just done CST1? We are making this offer available for a short time to those who have recently done CST1, by simply reducing the cost of the Plan by £696.
... I need to transfer to a different course? No problem, assuming there are spaces (though we appreciate as much warning as you can give). A small fee may be chargable if there are more changes.
... I already have some of those products that are part of the free starter pack? There are a couple of optional products if this is the case. Please ask. 
... I don't get all the courses done that soon - is there a time limit? No, there is no time limit; plus we guarantee no additional fees due for three years (if you have not completed all courses by then there may be small additions to course prices if they have gone up).
...The exam takes me ages to get to? There is also currently no time limit on getting the Techniques exam done - you can start it any time after CST2, though people usually wait until after the SER classes. (This would only change if a directive comes from 'the Mother Ship', Upledger Institute International!).
...I want to get fully qualified? You will also need to become a member of the Cranio Sacral Society, and retain membership for the duration you wish to be considered qualified.

Isn't it a no-brainer? We think so,if you want to add this gentle and effective therapy to your practice!


Payment options

1.  Totally ready to add this modality to your practice and expand your skills? Choose your preferred way to sign up from the options above.

2.  If you are not paying in full and the CST1 you would like to do comes within the next six months, choose the second option below, then go to the CST1 page and add that to your shopping separately.

 3.  Just done your CST1 and now want to take full advantage of this special offer? Call the office and we will set you up!

NB: You need to set up the standing orders; bank details will be given in the payment process and we will contact you anyway after you have signed up.

Any queries, drop us a line or give us a call...


The Core Pack Payment Plan - our best offer yet


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